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The Age of Legends is a distant and nebulous time. Many scholars question the veracity of events said to have occurred so long ago.

The Birth of Lylia – an infertile woman (or in some versions a man), jealous of the gods' power to create life, lies first with her shadow and then with her brother. Lylia was born thirteen moons later out of the sight of the gods (either underground or during the new moon).
The Creation of Sahuagin – Legatus Diana Solitaria, a legendary hunter, slays an abomination, and forced its Yuan-ti creators into the sea where they became sahuagin.
Sword Folding – Dwarves taught the people of Jun Rin to fold metal, thereby increasing the strength of subpar steel and cementing good long-term relations with them.
Meteor Strikes – Many legends surround this mass of meteor strikes. Some say that the meteors were the blood of the gods shed in a great battle against some fearsome enemy, others that it was a terrible punishment to wipe out the unworthy. Whatever the cause, the ore and minerals deposited by the strikes are often sought out to make high-quality weapons and armor for heroes. This event marks the end of 'pre-history' or the age of legends.

Ancient History[edit]

Accounts from this age are generally considered factual, even if a little dramatic license has been taken.

Imperial ACM TH D Event
??? -999 ??? 1 The Dwarven calander recons the first full year after the Meteor Strikes as year 1.
??? -982 ??? 18 The slaying of the horned dragon Khallgan with the Stymphalian Spire (an Amazon spear).
??? -671 ??? 329 Tresza the Black learned magical forging techniques from the dwarves.
??? -486 ??? ??? Xiulan were created.
??? -1 ??? ??? Ancient history ended with the eradication of the Giff.


Imperial ACM TH D Event
??? 1-64 ??? ??? The Dao Ming develope black powder.
??? 14 ??? ??? The city of Pax Valyn is founded. The unification of the Aylean people as the kingdom of Aylea begins.
??? 72 ??? ??? The kingdom of Aylea becomes the republic of Aylea.
??? 84 ??? ??? First recorded use of cannons
??? 131 ??? ??? Aylea's bases of law is written (The Codex de Legibus).
??? 134-189 ??? ??? The Dao Ming develope the Fire Lance.
??? 232 ??? ??? First recorded use of fire arms.
??? 269 ??? ??? Aylea begins building a system of highways and aqueducts.
??? 317 ??? ??? Aylea begins long term aggressions with Amazons.
??? 366-464 ??? ??? The Dao Ming develope the Matchlock.
??? 389 ??? ??? Amazons expanded south to Mountain Shell River.
??? 435 ??? ??? Aylea expands south to gulf.
??? 464 ??? ??? Rifling principle is discovered.
??? 467 ??? ??? Amazons send an expedition to explore the peninsula south of Mountain Shell River.
??? 475 ??? ??? The wheellock was invented.

Recent Events[edit]

Imperial ACM TH D Event
??? 506 ??? ??? Rifling appears in firearms.
??? 512 ??? ??? Amazons colonized the three islands between Crisanus and Zanthus
??? 541 ??? ??? Three generals try and fail to over throw the Aylean republic
??? 568 ??? ??? Legatus Mirana Solitaria is challenged for authority and defeated by Legatus Briethus
??? 572 ??? ??? The Dao began peaceful trade with the Amazons.
??? 575 ??? ??? Head of Aylean senate is assassinated
??? 576 ??? ??? Emperor Jing Kou rises to power
??? 582 ??? ??? Completion of a massive Coliseum in the Aylean capital
??? 591 ??? ??? Invention of the Flintlock gun.
??? 596 ??? ??? Massive earthquakes


-171 - 72 Rule of the Seven Kings
King Year Event
-171 - -133 - Gaius & Germanus
Twin grandsons of the warrior king Aelius Junius Cassius, Gaius Horatius Otho and Germanus Horatius Otho, ruled together. According to legend, they were nursed by a she-wolf after their mother died in childbirth. It is more likely that they were nursed by a prostitute, as 'Lupa' is the Aylic word for both she-wolf and prostitute. While Germanus saw to the running of the kingdom, Gaius lead many campaigns to expand their territory; acting more like a general than a king. Only Gaius' successes were well documented, his greatest defeat is largely known about because of the unusual ransom.
-171 Founded Pax Valyn. They raise a golden two-headed wolf on a green field as their standard.
-170 - -154 Gaius makes several successful campaigns against neighboring city-states, extending the kingdom's territory greatly.
-159 Germanus sets up a temporary housing district for the refugees displaced by the Valley Basin's annual flood. This becomes their permanent refuge.
-144 Gaius is defeated by Silvanus Balbus Caesonius ransomed back to his brother for 1,000 wolf pelts
-133 Cassius, Germanus' eldest son, negotiates Silvanus joining the kingdom, later that year Gaius & Germanus abdicate the throne to him.
-133 - -91 - Cassius Horatius Otho
Cassius is credited with many of the ancient religious conventions of Aylea. In an effort to make the Ayleans less war-like, he diverted their attention with religious spectacle and terrifying omens from the gods. organized the people into guilds based on the occupation of the members whatever their origin, to stop them from identifying first as coming from the city-state of their forefathers instead of as Ayleans.
-126 There was an eclipse as Cassius lit the pyre of a brilliant general and dear friend of his uncle. Cassius proclaimed that the gods embraced to meet the man together, the greatest honor.
-117 A cult to the succubus Lylia springs up among the poor and the slaves
-108 A massive forest fire caused a shortage of lumber, and workers
-102 Kingdom doubles in size when Cassius married his eldest son to the daughter, and only child, of Vitus Varius Regulus, a warlord from the south.
-95 The slaves rebel under the influence of Lylia, and are crucified for it.
-91 - -60 Lucius Horatio Otho
Lucius doubled the population of Pax Valyn by conquering a city-state on Aylea’s border and moving much of the population to the capital. He required the conquer nobles to join the cavalry.
-86 A Plains fire caused famine
-82 A volcanic eruption pushed a great deal of iron ore to the surface. It devastated nearby towns.
-76 The city of Aquila broke away from the kingdom.
-71 A cult, worshiping a hydra, rises to power
-67 An invasion is foiled by a brave and fleet-footed sheepherder delivering news in time for the army to be mobilized. He is allowed to marry Lucius’ youngest daughter.
-63 Lucius assigns a praetor to keep the peace in each major city under his rule
-60 - -35 Regulus Horatius Otho
Regulus commissioned the construction of a great many bridges. He also established the annual games in the capital to coincide with the end of the flood season.
-52 A prisoner rebellion at a quarry led to a year-long campaign. Eventually, the prisoners were recaptured and either put to death or made slaves.
-49 Formed a Senate; the magistrate of each major city in the kingdom would send a representative to the capital to inform and counsel the king.
-41 Led a successful campaign to reclaim Aquila, he continued to conquer two more cities.
-37 Slew the Hydra, bringing prosperity to the kingdom.
-35 - 2 Junius Horatio Lucius
Junius, Regulus' nephew, commissioned drainage projects to alleviate the troubles of the annual flood.
-30 Used economic pressure to bring Nerva under the kingdom’s rule
-23 After squashing a peasant rebellion he gave citizenship to all persons born within city walls
-15 Rooted out and executed the last vestiges of the Hydra cult
-6 Conquered the last of the city-states that make up modern Aylea
-5- -1 Joins the other nations in a five-year push to eradicate the Giff.
-1 Receives a grievous injury in the final battle that never fully heals, despite clerical treatment.
2 - 45 Vitius Horatio Lucius
Vitius was cruel and temperamental. He ruled through fear and intimidation.
9 Vitius declares the worship of Melanthia as the official religion.
19 Begins restricting the rights of non-ethnically Aylean citizens.
27 Many non-ethnically Aylean citizens and laborers flee the kingdom due to heavy taxes and harsh treatment.
34 Riots break out in many cities, temples to Melanthia are set ablaze. The rioters are crucified by order of Vitius regardless of citizenship.
45 Publicly declared insane and deposed by his eldest son, Varius.
45 - 72 Varius Horatio Lucius
Each of the Senators stabbed him, to share the guilt of his murder equally in the masses cried out for their blood. It is believed that the tipping point for the Senate was the rape of a member's beloved cousin, whether by Varius or one of his sons is unknown.
52 - 72 Waged war with Crisania.
60 Civil unrest and supply shortages become widespread problems
66 There is open talk or revolt in the streets, Varius responds by raising taxes on the poor and lowering them for the wealthy.
72 Assassinated by the Senate. The Republic is born. Peace is negotiated with Crisania.
72-368 Early Republic
Princeps Senatus Year Event
72-115 - Claudius Aetius Rufus
A decisive and fair leader, he established the Princeps Senatus' role as more of an overseer and not one of a tyrant.
72 The Kingdom of Aylea becomes the Republic of Aylea. The Nation's flag is changed from a two-headed wolf to a two-headed eagle.
80 A major eruption in the Parvus mountain range threatened the capital and cut-off access to the city for three months.
89 Claudius ordered the extermination of all Jibade living in the kingdom due to their use of Giff artifacts.
92 Minotaur villages spring up in the mountains
115-155 - Tacitus Sergius Vibius
Tacitus lead the nation in an unprecedented 40 years of peace. He focused the nation's resources on improving the productivity of the farmlands rather than mindless incursions into neighboring lands.
127 Tacitus created an alliance of senators from the plains to look out for the interests of farmers and other laborers that provide food to the nation
131 The Senate writes The Codex de Legibus, Aylea's basis of all future laws.
145 A colony of basilisks establishes a foothold in the valley basin
151 The basilisks population increases dramatically. Tacitus calls for them to be hunted down.
155-181 -Tiberius Severus Nonus
Tiberius enforced religious reform and increased the kingdoms defence. He was known for his caution and forethought.
158 Spearheaded a purge of the unfaithful within the temples of Heliosa.
163 Sent an invasion force into Crissania, around the southern end of the Wolf Peaks.
174 Ordered massive fortifications around the nation's border.
181-218 - Regulus Vespasianus Pontius
Not well liked by the people, Regulus was a hard man who made many unpopular decisions for the good of the nation.
185 Minotaurs are pushed out of land ownership in favor of ethnically Aylean citizens.
191 Raised Taxes on the middle class and the wealthy.
198 Commissioned a massive fleet to invade Crisania. Construction problems ended the campaign before it began.
203 Minotaurs move to the plains due to oppressive laws
209 A cult assumes control of Othozia
215 A massive fire destroys Othozia
218-254 - Maximus Marcellus Manius
Viewed as a weak leader his time as head of the Senate was fraught with internal strife.
224 Raider activity rises along the Black Water River
231 Successful campaign to against Fjallheim.
238 A failed peasant rebellion resulted in a massive fire in the capital.
250 Minotaurs that live outside of city walls do not pay taxes to the magistrate are only subject to the rule of the praetor.
254-287 - Loukios Horatius Faustus
More successful in his civic endeavors, Loukios was still passonate about expanding the nation's borders.
255 Admited sons of freedmen into the Senate. He also asserts the right of freed slaves to hold office.
269 Commissions the first of many roads and aqueducts.
276 Improvements in farming lead to bountiful harvests
283 Failed push to acquire more Fjallheim territory depleted the nation's wealth considerably.
287-328 - Crispus Cassian Balbus
Crispus spearheaded both increases trade and an aggressive push against Crisania. He used the additional wealth to fund the nation's army.
292 Leveys a tax on guilds, and a series of tariffs on luxury goods to increase the nation's wealth.
301 Successfully defended against a Fjallheim invasion force.
305 Steady trade with Thebia begins
317 Aylea begins long-term aggressions with Crisania, with a concentrated campaign to secure the Wolf Den Pass.
324 Many citizens move to the south due to oppressive laws requiring them to serve additional military service.
328-368 - Augustus Claudius Brutus
Augustus focused his energies on internal problems. He strengthened the nation through public works and improved military training.
335 Construction of large public baths in all major settlements was commissioned.
343 Commissions a warship to protect the port city Lido di Marinus from pirates.
347 A hag’s corpse was found hanging from the main gate of the capital. It is unknown where it came from or who slew it, but Augustus’ wife was never seen in public afterward.
355 The homes of four members of the Senate are burned to the ground by a group of malcontents
357 The arsonists were brought to justice but there was much debate over their punishment. Eventually, they were burned at the stake.
363 Established a colony on Prospeculor Island.
368-596 The Modern Age
Princeps Senatus Year Event
369-413 - Cassius Aetius Rufus
376 Orders the posting of important news in public spaces. The Daily Acts, written on metal or stone, include details of military victories, lists of games and gladiatorial bouts, and birth and death notices.
379 The trebuchet was invented and deployed in the Wolf Den Pass.
388 Commissioned an Observatory in Aquila
392 Introduced a government-run postal system
404 Concrete was invented
413-459 - Horatius Gaius Lucius
419 Ordered the proceedings of the Senate to be made public, posting it with the Daily Acts.
428 Began programs for subsidized food, education and other expenses for the needy.
430 Invention of the lathe
442 Ordered massive repairs to the roads and highways
446 After a particularly mild winter and a dry spring the summer was fraught with wildfires both in the lowland plains and the mountain forests.
452 Invaded Thebia, but found the harsh desert too difficult to hold
459-502 - Regulus Severus Nonus
469 A visiting diplomat from a Halcyon dies under mysterious circumstances, straining relations
472 Criminal activity rises in urban areas, Regulus responded by instituting a curfew.
480 A plague strikes the kingdom, killing many.
491 Relations break down with Halcyon resulting in a war
502-537 - Augustus Balbus Pontius
504 A record harvest increased trade with Thebia.
516 New ideas acquired via peaceful contact with Thebia result in an increase of academic pursuits
530 The Crown of Gaius, lost when he was defeated by Silvanus Balbus Caesonius is discovered within a ruined fortress.
537-577 - Crispus Claudius Brutus
541 Three generals try and fail to overthrow the Aylean republic
546 A massive vein of iron ore discovered in the southern reaches of the High Guard Mountains.
556 New Irrigation techniques increase prosperity in the kingdom.
560 A shrine to a forgotten, possibly Giff, deity is discovered.
577 Crispus is assassinated
577-present - Tiberius Sergius Vibius
582 Completion of a massive Coliseum in the Aylean capital
586 Following a publicised incident, the kingdom rulers enact laws that severely restrict certain members of society
592 A peace accord is reached a with Fjallheim, opening trade between the two
596 Massive earthquakes shake the region.

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