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The Planes[edit]

Cosmology Map.png

Prime Material[edit]

The natural world in which most adventures take place is the central plane of existence. The Material Plane is spatially finite and contained in a sphere made of the sky.

The After Life[edit]

Asphodel Meadow[edit]

the Asphodel Meadow is an infinite plane of mild climate and normal physics.

Feast Halls[edit]

In the Gods' Feast Halls, Homes or Courts the elemental creatures serve the Gods and the honoured dead. Water and Air elementals originate from the Moon God's Hall and Fire and Earth elementals from the Sun Godess'.


The Astral Plane is the plane of thought, memory, and psychic energy. It is a three-dimensional void without gravity or any objective concept of up and down. It is an empty place with no solid matter. There is no space or time in the Astral Plane though both catch up with you when you leave.

The souls of the newly dead from the Prime Material Plane may pass through here on their way to the afterlife; if they did not receive proper funeral rights. They may remain in the Astral Plane becoming Astral Creatures, move on to the Afterlife, or return to the Material Plane as spirits.

Gith, Githyanki, and Githzerai dwell in this plane; either free floating or on the backs of strange creatures.

Movement is accomplished by thought and intelligence determines speed.

Fey Realm[edit]

The Fey Realm or Realms as it may be are divided into many kingdoms each with its own landscape, rules, and odd inhabitants. The seasons change as quickly as night and day in some kingdoms and not at all in others.

While each kingdom has its own ruler and rules there are also constants in the Realm:

  • All Fey owe fealty to Titania and Oberon.
  • All Fey kingdoms run on a 26-hour clock.
  • Beings originating from other planes should not eat or drink things originating from the Fey realm. They may become trapped in the fey realm, unable to stomach non-fey food ever again, or merely never again be able to enjoy non-fey foods (it will at best be tasteless).
  • Elves, gnomes, and goblins of all kinds are Fey creatures and therefore call the Fey Realm home.

    Tales and Poems from the Fey Realm[edit]

    Oberon Wooing Titania or the Silver Tree

    A man came upon Titania and Oberon as they walked in the mortal realm. He became so smitten with her that he gave her a necklace adorned with pearls. Titania marveled at its beauty, a fine silver chain strung the sea drops together. Not to be outdone Oberon gathered the finest dwarven miners to mine the silver of Mount Pekka. He covered a great rock beneath the waves with all manner of shellfish, harvested the best pearl from them. Had a large urn forged out of iron and covered in gold. The urn was then filled with gems and precious stones. Oberon then took the silver the Dwarves had worked. Before his wife and the would-be suitor, he planted the pearl in the urn and watered it with sapphires. Soon a small silver sapling formed, it pushed up and grew. It became a tree with silver leaves and rose quarts blossoms. The petal-shaped stones fell off one by one. Then pearls, the size of cherries, formed on the ends of little silver stems. Titania loved the tree so much she forgot all about the would-be suitor and his little necklace.

    (maybe of the mithril variety)


    The Plane of Shadow is a dimly lit world of greys. The sky is a starless black.The planes features are in fact the shadows from the other planes. Since these shadows blend, twist, and continually flow into one another creating a precise map of the plane is next to impossible.

    The Plane of Shadow is inhabited by the literal shadows of the creatures of other planes. Some of these shadows become "unstuck," taking on an independent life of their own, such as the Darkfolk.

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