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The gods and their interactions on Miriandis are unique. In the cosmology of the universe the forces known as deities create aspects of themselves to watch over any given planet in their corner of the universe. This isn't so say these aspects are a shadow of the creating force, in truth they are fully independent beings, being which when destroyed can't just be replaced by their original creating force. This mean that throughout the history of Miriandis the planets cosmology has changed, some gods are dead while others have been bolstered or weakened, almost all of the deities who died or changed significantly in strength did so in the Second Age.

The Pantheons and their Gods[edit]

The vampire Pantheon presented here are the gods formed in the First Age after the formation of the Pureblood Houses.

Alternate vampire Pantheon[edit]











Ali Charum

Houserules of the Gods[edit]

The list of active deities on Miriandis sits somewhere around 290. Over time many of these deities have come into conflict over the years. While conflicts rage to this day most of them are just for show, once an army reaches the divine plane of another god they are easily wiped out, resulting in most conflicts being nothing more than for bragging rights and to keep their followers busy.

The list of major changes is actually quite short when considering how full the heavens are.

Divine Alterations

  • Gruumsh currently serves Hextor as a slave, those who worship Gruumsh have their devotion siphoned by Hextor.
  • Corellon and the others in the Elven Pantheon are dead.
  • Yeenoghu captured Gorellik, increasing his power leading to increased conflicts in the Blood War.
  • Tiamat is currently stuck on the prime material plane in a cave, while her powers and the devotion she collects are not effected by this she is more vulnerable and has lashed out against Kurtulmak in an attempt to free herself.
  • Kurtulmak is weakened due to a current unfavorable war with Tiamat.
  • Obad-Hai is weakened.
  • Olidammara has killed Mask.
  • Olidammara is represented as a female not a male, while she is capable of changing her appearance to either gender most of her followers recognize her as female.
  • Lathander died.
  • All members of the Orc Pantheon enjoy increased powers due to Gruumsh's current servitude as many orcs no longer worship Gruumsh in favor of a non-slave god.
  • The Lady of Pain, ruler of Sigil is actually Wee Jas, it was secret persona of Wee Jas until recently when it became common knowledge to planar travelers.
  • Mephistopheles is the current ruler of Baator and owner of the Pact Primeval, Asmodeus is still alive and ruler of the 9th layer, Mephistopheles came to power through a deal involving his ownership of the Pact Primeval.
  • Juiblex has subjugated Zuggtmoy and is lord of all Fungus, Spore and Ooze.

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