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As stated in Character creation, you are allowed to pick one flaw, which then grants you one free feat, both of which must be selected at time of character creation.

The only time a character may select a flaw other then at character creation (and therefore a bonus feat) is if the character finds the Pelic Sun Dial, which has the power to recreate people. The mechanics of this allow you to rebuild your character at whatever level the PC was at before. For more details see the Pelic Sun Dial.

The Noncombatant flaw has been changed so it effects both ranged and melee attacks.

New Flaws[edit]

All flaws from Official DnD products or Dragon Magazine not listed here flaw are acceptable.

In addition these flaws are accptable:

Thanks to Cypresslyshra, Penske, Uskard, Jack Wilde, Lord Dhazriel, Sam Kay

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