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Rules for Character Creation[edit]

Miriandis and the rest of the Sarosian cosmology follow DnD 3.5 rules with Homebrew Notes augmenting throughout. There should be links to the houserules page otherwise the houserule will be mentioned where the rule is listed.

Ability Scores[edit]

For character creation the player roles 4d6 each time dropping the lowest die rolled, the player repeats this till that have seven numbers between 3-18.

The player will drop the lowest of the seven numbers and place the remaining six wherever the player likes in his stats.

After the stats are placed the character chooses race and apples those bonuses to stats as appropriate.


Flaws, Traits, & Feats
  • You may gain one flaw during character creation chosen from the list of flaws.
  • You may gain one trait during character creation chosen from the list of traits.
  • Any player who chooses a flaw may gain one bonus feat. These traits, flaws and the bonus feat (if applicable) must be chosen at character creation.

Some classes have skills added or removed, those are listed under character creation.


On Miriandis characters can reach epic levels as far as their DM is comfortable, the world as it is has (non-deity) NPC's and situations for characters to lvl 60, this isnt to say that lvl 60 is the cap or lvl 60 is the norm, creatures and powers of that lvl are extremely rare and should be saved, with few exceptions.


All alignments have a place in this world, if your DM wished to play a campaign on Miriandis where the PC's are evil that is fine. There are areas for those of extreme good, lawful or chaotic tendencies, and plenty with healthy mixes of everything. The best thing to do is check with your DM, ask them what they are comfortable with. With the right DM players could be in a party of evil and good characters, so long as things didn't get out of hand. Its on you, the player, to make sure they don't start getting crazy and make the DM intervene.


A good campaign has little to do with the setting, the players (DM included) make or break a session. In later play the campaign is designed to base it self off character goals, you as a character need to start coming up with what your character likes/dislikes, wants, needs, and other goals that he or she seeks to accomplish while on Miriandis. It could be as simple as "I want to help my friends" or "I wish to open a wizard college" all the way to "I want to open a portal to the elemental plane of water so large that it will threaten to sink a continent, then when the inevitable army of wizards show up to stop me i want to have a pre-placed series of Forcecage spells go off and trap them all, then reverse the portal trapping the lesser wizards on the plane of water, Muahahaha!" that's fine too.

It should be said though Miriandis supports all types of play, high and low magic, check with your DM before you go and write up some goals involving high magic stuff to find its a low magic area.

Back Story[edit]

The best way to go about getting character goals is to write a back story. I know a lot of players just skip this step but if you spend maybe 20-30 minutes and come up with half a page to a page it goes a long way later on to making you have a lot more than 30 minutes of fun. DM's look at back stories for NPC's and situations they can call on that will draw your attention, and immerse you in the game, its just good sense and honestly a nice thing to do for your DM to give them that little help. In the Sarosian Supplement a back story of at least 1 page (12 point font typed) rewards the player with bonus experience, if the back story is presented at character creation or before the first session the usual bonus is a Free Level, to encourage players to make a back story even if play has already begun hopeful your DM will allow some amount of bonus experience.

However this is the DM's game, he may just not give you any experience for a two page back story and still require you to make one. Don't make a fuss just roll with the punches, for every hardship in Miriandis there is a reward down the line.

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