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The NPC's on Miriandis range from low level cogs to epic level retired adventurers, all the NPC's are easily replaceable or removed with few exceptions, their involvement in the events of the Second Era make them slightly harder to change. They are:

  • Saros
  • Figby Aliwag
  • Cardon En
  • Magmus
  • Copernicus

Villains & Bosses[edit]


  • Naz Razgul - David's Necromacer
  • Coffin Jockey - Tenzin's Kobold Thrall
  • Malfu
  • Ra - Worm Lord
  • Lizard Man - draconic geneticist

Heroes & Allies[edit]

Good NPCs

  • The Centaur
  • Megoraxis
  • Luhissoris

Movers and Shakers[edit]

Neutral NPCs and Non-alignment goal NPCs

  • Billix Bear and Wolf

Generic NPCs[edit]

List of generics, link to cities at some point

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