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Quick List of Changes[edit]

  • Difficulty Level: This is meant to be a harder than normal game, the players have been altered to deal with these advanced challenges.
  • Modified Rules for going from 0 to -20.
  • Elves, Elven Based Magic, and Elven Based Gods, are gone, died off at the end of the second age.
  • Druids, Druid based magic, and Druid Only gods, are gone (Obad-hai isn't druid only) they too died off at the end of the second age.
  • Psionics are not allowed in this campaign, elder brains and other psionic creatures use equivalent sorcerer levels or spell-like abilities.
  • Certain classes have additional class skills, some have lost skills.
  • Multiple new Flaws available.

Homebrew Changes[edit]

Slain: When anything (including undead) are hit for damage that drops from from at least 1 to -20, this attack leave the opponent slain, they cannot be resurrected by any means except Wish, Miracle, True Resurrection, or a Deity.

Class Skills: Class skills have been added to:

Barbarians, Bards, Clerics, Fighters, Rangers, Sorcerers

Class skills have been removed from :


Please see the Classes page for full details

Druids: Have been removed, in the second age Saros had many needless campaigns, one of which was wiping out the largest threat to his southern allies, the 'druidic infestation', Druids from all over the land were called to various natural emergencies caused by Sarosian agents, and when a druid population was properly recorded there was a cleansing. The effect of this no one expected, the raw fields of magic, explained in the Magic section, were altered in a sympathetic way, pouring more power into its druid field, empowering the last remaining Druids magical aspects to unknown heights, several of these Druids destroyed entire empires before Sarosian forces could bring them down. The druidic cataclysm ended when the final druid, a Lizard Folk who had brought several elder wurms under his banner assaulted Saros' capitol Hami'ra. Hami'ra was destroyed, the last druid and its connection to the prime material plane disapeard, and the third age began. For more information on the story of this please see the history of the second age.

The effect of this was the last remaining scrolls with druidic magic, or spells in items that were exclusively druid spells, became increasingly powerful, the following spells have been changed:

Full effects in spells section. Items such as scrolls and wands with these spells are considered artifact level and should only be added with caution. A full list of the items in lore that contain these spells (and therefore high level bards could find out about) see the spells section.

Spells Accessible by clerics via Domains are not effected, due to an increase in clerics as a lack of druids for spiritual outlet druid spells that appear in domains have returned to normal function:

This Spell *Faerie Fire is a special case, it was augmented for a short time in history, but Drow population increases have balanced this spell back out.

Other Druid spells not on these lists that appears in a domain accessable by clerics remains unchanged. Druid spells not accepssable by clerics via domains and not on these lists are lost to mortal knowledge.

Items such as scrolls and wands with these spells are considered artifact level and should only be added with caution.


Things that will be expanded on, as i get to it:


New Crafting Rules under Gear Section.


Druidic magic

Focusing stones (repost rules)


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