Low Pain Threshold (3.5e Flaw)

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Low Pain Threshold[edit]

Low Pain Threshold[edit]

Lowers the characters ability to mitigate pain (lowers DR,/Increase damage taken)
Effect: The character has never liked pain, hard work if need be but a splinter would make the character cry.

Any Damage Reduction the character has or gets is reduced by 6/, if the Damage Reduction has something that negates it or the character doesn't have Damage Reduction the character takes an extra 6 damage from each source that negates the Damage Reduction or from each independent source of damage if the character doesn't have Damage Reduction.

A magic missile or spell that has multiple effects that each do damage is considered one source. Multiple attacks from high Base Attack are considered separate sources.
Roleplaying Ideas: A Fighter has been given a magic set of bracers that give him Damage Reduction 5/bludgeoning, attacks made against the fighter deal either 6 additional damage or 1 additional damage if from a bludgeoning weapon.

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