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Campaign Setting


Intermediate Deity
Symbol: Eyes with a fire behind them
Home Plane: Prime Material
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Draconic vampiric siring or death, epic level spells cast by a vampire,
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Evil or Neutral Evil, Lawful Neutral
Domains: Magic, Death, Knowledge, Scalykind
Favored Weapon: Daggers
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More information...

Gregorlaxis was born near the end the Second Age as a red dragon from a noble family. When the armies of Saros came to his mountain range on Mirudia to capture war mounts they found Gregorlaxis' family and took them all, Copernicus made sure to take Gregorlaxis as a student in his army. As Gregorlaxis grew to strength he joined with the armies of Saros, under Copernicus Gragorlaxis was one of the mightiest juvenile dragons in his force. Saros was not one to pass up talent and when his trusted general Copernicus told Saros of the young Gregorlaxis Saros wasted no time. Fond of his side projects Saros had Magmus and Cardon locate and summon a Chronomancer, he payed a great sum to have a bubble of time built around Gregorlaxis. Inside the bubble was everything Gregorlaxis would need to survive indefinitely and for each two week period he stayed in the bubble a year would pass for him. The fall of the Sarosian kingdoms was common and happened about every seventy years or so, this fall however was the one that lasted and marked the beginning of the Third Age, Gregorlaxis was protected from the cataclysms by his temporal pocket and was trapped there for many years.

When Gregorlaxis finally escaped he had become incredibly old he had only survived as long as he did because of powerful spells he had developed inside the bubble. He in fact was over 1,300 years old and almost entirely fueled by his spells. Gregorlaxis came out of the rubble around his bubble to a world changed, he surveyed the land for a while but so much time had passed however he recognized nothing, he found no Sarosian banners and no clue as to what had happened.

Gregorlaxis had decided to begin again at his current age however he was weak, having to spend most his energy on his restorative spells, he sought new magically avenues when he finally came to the conclusion to take on draco-lichdom, this is when Burnsider stepped in. Burnsider offered Gregorlaxis another path, he told him where he could find a group of his cultists who would turn Gregorlaxis into an immortal without having to give up his form, in fact it would enhance him. When Gregorlaxis arrived in the tunnels Burnsider had told him about the cultists set upon Gregorlaxis they had planned on eating the dragon instead of turning him when Burnsider appeared and began smiting the unfaithful, Gregorlaxis died but was risen as a vampire almost immidiatly, due to his proximity to Burnsider, however Gregorlaxis' calm demeanor broke for a moment and he set upon Burnsider and drank deep of the god, stealing a spark for himself. Burnsider sealed the cave Gregorlaxis dwells in, from the cave Gregorlaxis sends images of himself to draconic undead all across the three continents, his followers are all very powerful and almost all some sort of spell caster giving Gregorlaxis a small but powerful base of worship.

*Note* This is the history that those who worship this pantheon teach, it may or may not be factual.


Unlife is a magical gift, rivaled by no mere spell. Through magic we elevate our power, through undeath we make the power last.

Cleric Training[edit]

Clerics of Gregorlaxis follow a loose age and magic based hierarchy, the older and more developed spell casters are often called Great Scales, though this title is respected its also a thing to be skeptical about, as no one is given this title its just something a follower claims one day. Lower members those of moderate age and/or spell casting capability are called Fangs or Claws, a personal preference though most true dragons choose Fang and most dragon kin and non dragons choose Claw. Lay members are Cultists, they are the whipping boy to every Fang, Claw and Great Scale and usually serve one or two directly. All followers are encouraged if not required to learn magical pursuits and some clutches go as far as to coordinate who knows what magic is learned by whom.

Prayers & Rites[edit]

Gregorlaxis requires no prayers, He gains his worship through the rites he teaches. Great Scales all use specific rites in their spell casting that was handed down to them directly from Gregorlaxis. The Fangs and Claws usually pick up on many of these rites and often teach the Cultists.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Temples to Gregorlaxis are few, only old dragons who have large lairs build actual temples to Gregorlaxis, most followers build shrines to him in any dwelling they reside, some Fangs who keep Cultist servants will make them carry portable shrines with them on their journeys.


Gregorlaxis is a colossal red dragon who appears as more of a dry blood color then a ruby red, He has a set of horns on the ridge that runs around his jaw, they have grown and twisted together to form a horned beard. He moves slowly, speaks slowly, and rarely physically engages anything, preferring to hurl mighty spells. He is a master of chronomancy and often uses these powers to age his victims to death, or to the peak of their physical form if he plans on feeding. Gregorlaxis appears with many bracelets, rings and ioun stones, sometimes he also wears a colossal sized robe with a dagger on a belt of matching size.

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