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Rating: 3 / 5
This has some, but often sparse, information in most categories. Please help improve this.

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Player Information

Player's Handbook
Advice on Creating Characters
The many races of Andu.
Classes and Skills
Typical classes and skills allowed.
The gray area in handling alignments.
Equipment Emporium
Player's guide to Andu items and equipment
Alternative rules used and some highlighted combat rules.
A player's guide to adventuring in Andu.
A list of restricted or banned spells due to plotline. Also modified and added spells.

World Reference

The history of Andu.

About Andu

Nearly all known gods.
Organizations and their allies/enemies in Andu.
This is the index of important figures.

Running Andu

About this Setting
A more detailed description of what type of setting Andu is.
Adding to Andu
This setting is still growing.
Running an Andu Campaign
Advice for implementing this campaign.
Monster Manual
Monsters to avoid or use due to alternative system rules.
These adventures are a template so a DM can mold it to fit the party.
The maps and geographic layout of Andu.
Things To Do
More for myself and right now the list for things not to do is much smaller.

This campaign setting is for DMs and should not be shown to players. Spoilers and tips to avoid min/maxing are among the available information so please read it before printing sections for players.

Andu is more for the hack and slash style with a plotline. This is the way my current group wanted to go so I haven't developed NPC interaction or numerous puzzle challenges. The group starts off in a world filled with tension and hardship. Conflict is brewing as the clock ticks down to war. The party may wish to remain neutral but unknowingly helps one side. If the group contains a majority of divine casters, this setting might not be a good fit for now. Please check out this Setting for more info.

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