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This list is just pulling off names from old notes and game recaps. I will be working on this periodically as I recall more names.

NPCs of early campaign (Game 1-9) Balthazar Jildon Mercain Harg Igmut Prutha Viggu Zumhug Grukag Spilge Borug Kerban

Mirixal Talinar

Ahzrevere Karlino Marcusin

NPCs of later campaign (Game 10+) Harnod

Belrick -quest NPC Gangir -quest NPC Taznil -quest NPC

Gavin Kane Mirvan

Osaka -history Grimorah -history

Andu NPC[edit]
or Organization
Leader Race Class Alignment Knowledge (local)
15 20 25 30
Balthazar Isle Balthazar Lich Wizard CE Current ruler of Balthazar Isle, known to trade in slaves and goods Balthazar offers soul contracts in exchange for money Balthazar was known as Rengir the bold and had a brother named Lancur Balthazar was the doyen of the schools of magic

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