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Balthazar Isle[edit]

Not much is known of this Isle from the locals. Roughly 850 sq miles of rocky terrain and little to no structures visible from the coast. There are three ports on Balthazar Isle that trade with coastal cities. Otherwise the land would have been deemed uninhabited.


This is the northern most port on the Isle and is located on the western side. Slave ships from Izar often arrive in Andu ports with a wide variety of races for sale. Clearly the races aren't native to the Isle but people either disregard it or fail to get any explanations from the slaves. There has been two known reports of Andurian ships attempting to dock at the port of Izar and both were destroyed within a mile of the harbor.


This is the second northern port and also on the western side of the Isle. After the incidents at Izar, no ship has attempted to dock in this port. All trading ships from Gurk bring finely crafted items like clothing, quilts, and leather. The fabric is hand-sewn and sometimes the most difficult material to work with.


This is the southern most port and located on the east side of the Isle. This is the only port on the Isle that Andurian ships have docked with and returned in one piece. This port city handles manufactured weapons and armor for the highest bidder. One general who purchased an order for 10,000 specifically crafted polearms received it two days later while still in port. The sheer manpower to produce that many weapons in such a short time is a bit terrifying.

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