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Pharaonic Pantheon[edit]

Name Domains Align Favored Weapon Portfolio
Ammit Evil, Trickery, War ? light pick ?
Amun Community, Fire, Nobility LG scimitar King, power, ram, cobras
Anubis Artifice, Death, Rune LN short sword Preservation, embalming, afterlife, jackals
Apep Darkness, Scalykind, Strength CE unarmed strike Darkness, perseverance, strength, serpents
Aten Evil, Fire, Sun NE hatchet Fire, warmth
Atum Chaos, Creation, Liberation LN quarterstaff Creation, first, double crown
Bastet Community, Protection, Repose CG claw bracers Cats, protection, gentle
Bat Air, Death, Knowledge CN warhammer Soul, cosmos, essence, spirits
Bes Animal, Good, Madness LG battleaxe Dwarves, childbirth, infants, scorpion and snake bites, lion
Geb Destruction, Earth, Trickery LG light pick Earth, miners, earthquakes, goose
Hapy Destruction, Water, Weather CN any flail Agriculture, flooding, fertility, water plants
Hathor Charm, Earth, Travel NG dagger Love, joy, beauty, marriage, cow
Horus Air, Protection, Weather CG quarterstaff Sky, living, hawk
Isis Healing, Magic, Protection CG quarterstaff Magic, protection, healing
Khepri Creation, Good, Sun LG javelin Rebirth, movement, appearance, dawn, scarab
Khnum Artifice, Creation, Earth CG club Mud, pottery, invention, ram
Kuk Charm, Scalykind, Trickery LE dagger Deception, plotting, darkness, frogs
Ma'at Community, Law, Liberation LN heavy mace Justice, truth, harmony, order, balance, feather
Mafdet Death, Law, War LN battleaxe Punishment, execution, laws, cheetah
Min Animal, Liberation, Luck CN whip Sex, pain, pleasure
Nephthys Law, Magic, Repose NG longsword Dead, coffins, funerals, hieroglyphs
Nun Chaos, Travel, Water CN light mace Chaos, boats, water, mounds
Nut Darkness, Luck, Rune NG dagger Night, concealment, stars, canopy
Osiris Healing, Madness, Repose CN longsword Underworld, dead, resurrection, fertility, barley
Ptah Artifice, Glory, Madness N quarterstaff Craftsmen, wood, skill
Ra Magic, Nobility, Sun CG longbow Sun, life, survival
Sekhmet Destruction, Glory, War CG longsword War, destruction, lioness
Seshat Knowledge, Healing, Rune N dagger Writing, measurement, astronomy, astrology, architecture, mathematics, scribes, camel
Seth Chaos, Nobility, Strength CE quarterstaff Desert, royalty, strength, drought, aardvark
Shu Air, Darkness, Travel CG javelin Air, wind, space
Sobek Evil, Scalykind, Water NE trident Rivers, pools, crocodile
Tawaret Animal, Charm, Strength NG dart Pregnancy, mothers, hippopotamus
Tefnut Good, Luck, Weather CG quarterstaff Moisture, rain, dew, clouds, tigress
Thoth Fire, Glory, Knowledge N dagger Wisdom, knowledge, information, moon, geometry, medicine, music, ibis

Early campaign[edit]

Most of the gods have not transcended and remain on Andu in one form or another. Almost all the people of Andu believe in one god or a multitude of gods. The citizens do their best to appease their god(s) and live up to their standards because they could be standing nearby.

Later campaign[edit]

The gods have transcended and no longer walk among the people. They have not abandoned them though. Avatars do the gods bidding but most are aware of such presence. Some gods may confront a powerful group of adventurers to do a task with discretion.

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