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Andu is populated by many different races. In the beginning of the campaign the races are not mixed that much. While there may be cities of nearly all one race, there is no real discrimination going on. Later on the races become more intermingled and some races look down on others.

These are a list of playable characters though some have effective character level. Those races would be playable later in the campaign.

1st-ECL Races
Aarakocra MoF pg 11
Asherati Sand pg 37
Aventi Storm pg 33
Bhuka Sand pg 39
Bullywug MoF pg 25
Changeling MM3 pg 25
Darfellan Storm pg 36
Deep Imaskari Under pg 9
Dwarf, Aquatic UA pg 6
Dwarf, Arctic UA pg 9
Dwarf, Badlands Sand pg 42
Dwarf, Deep
Dwarf, Desert UA pg 11
Dwarf, Dream RoS pg 89
Dwarf, Earth UA pg 16
Dwarf, Glacier Frost pg 34
Dwarf, Gold DMG
Dwarf, Hill
Dwarf, Mountain
Dwarf, Seacliff Storm pg 41
Elf, Aquatic
Elf, Arctic UA pg 9
Elf, Desert UA pg 11
Elf, Fire UA pg 17
Elf, Gray
Elf, High
Elf, Painted Sand pg 42
Elf, Snow Frost pg 34
Elf, Sun Extended Standard Races
Elf, Wild (Grugach)
Elf, Wood (Sylvan)
Firenewt MoF pg 48
Gnome, Air UA pg 16
Gnome, Forest
Gnome, Ice Frost pg 35
Gnome, Rock
Gnome, Wavecrest Storm pg 44
Gnome, Whisper RoS pg 96
Goblin, Air UA pg 16
Goblin, Aquatic UA pg 7
Goblin, Arctic UA pg 10
Hadozee Storm pg 44
Halfling, Deep
Halfling, Lightfoot
Halfling, Shoal Storm pg 45
Halfling, Tallfellows
Halfling, Tundra Frost pg 36
Halfling, Water UA pg 18
Half-orc, Desert † UA pg 12
Half-orc, Scablands † Sand pg 43
Human (Illumian) RoD pg 55
Human (Sea Kin) RoD pg 101
Human (Underfolk) RoD pg 110
Human, Anuirean ‡ Birth
Human, Brecht ‡ Birth
Human, Khinasi ‡ Birth
Human, Masetian ‡ Birth
Human, Rjurik ‡ Birth
Human, Vos ‡ Birth
Kenkus MM3 pg 86
Killoren RoW pg 103
Kobold, Arctic UA pg 10
Kobold, Desert UA pg 13
Kobold, Earth UA pg 17
Mongrelfolk RoD pg 99
Neanderthal Frost pg 36
Orc, Water † UA pg 18
Raptoran RoW pg 68
Shalarin MoF pg 76
Siv MoF pg 78
Warforged MM3 pg 191
Warforged Scout MM3 pg 193
2nd-ECL Races
Bladeling MM2 pg 31
Catfolk RoW pg 92
Chaond MM2 pg 170
Chitine MoF pg 26
Dwarf, Gray (Duergar)
Fey (Undra) Frost pg 38
Genasi, Air FR pg 19
Genasi, Earth FR pg 20
Genasi, Fire FR pg 20
Genasi, Water FR pg 20
Gnome, Chaos RoS pg 87
Goatfolk MM3 pg 63
Goblin, Forestkith MM3 pg 65
Goliath RoS pg 56
Half-Golem MM2 pg 210
Hobgoblin, Fire UA pg 17
Hybsil MoF pg 61
Lizardfolk, Poison Dusk MM3 pg 96
Sharakim RoD pg 104
Skulk RoD pg 106
Tiefling, Fey'ri MoF pg 72
Tiefling, Tanarukk MoF pg 72
Zenythri MM2 pg 170
3rd-ECL Races
Feral Gargun RoS pg 91
Gloaming Under pg 12
Gnoll, Flind MM3 pg 62
Half-Golem MM2 pg 210
Half-Ogre (Orog)
Human, Aquatic (Locathah)
Ixitxachitl MM2 pg 129
Lumi MM3 pg 99
Lycanthrope, Afflicted
Nycter MM3 pg 113
Slyth Under pg 17
Wemic MoF pg 84
4th-ECL Races
Abeil MM2 pg 24
Alaghi MoF pg 15
Armands MM3 pg 10
Choldrith MoF pg 27
Gnomes, Deep (Svirfneblin)
Half-Golem MM2 pg 210
Kuo-toa MM pg 163
Lycanthrope, Natural
Ogre, Skullcrusher MM3 pg 116
Stinger MoF pg 81
Thri-Kreen MM2 pg 195
Witchknife MM3 pf 195
5th-ECL Races
Harssaf MM3 pg 82
Meazel MoF pg 66
Stonechild RoS pg 93
6th-ECL Races
Death Knight
Dracotaurs MM3 pg 42
Naztharune MM3 pg 137
Ogre, Aquatic (Merrow)
Quaraphon MM3 pg 129
Troll, Crystalline MM3 pg 178
Yuan-ti, pureblood MM pg 263
7th-ECL Races
Dragonkin MoF pg 46
8th-ECL Races
Durzagon MM2 pg 124
Loxo MM2 pg 145
Yak Folk MM2 pg 201
9th-ECL Races
Neogi MM2 pg 159
10th-ECL Races
11th-ECL Races
Draegloth MoF pg 59
12th-ECL Races
Ogre mage
Yuan-ti, halfblood MM pg 264

† Race only available early in the campaign ‡ Race only available later in the campaign

Table: Abbreviations for Manuals
Abbrev. Manual Abbrev. Manual
MM Monster Manual MM2 Monster Manual II
MM3 Monster Manual III MoF Monsters of Faerûn
Birth Birthright Campaign Setting FR Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
Frost Frostburn RoD Races of Destiny
RoS Races of Stone RoW Races of the Wild
Sand Sandstorm Storm Stormwrack
UA Unearthed Arcana (3.5e) Under Underdark

Early campaign[edit]

Orc or half-orc bloodline has a particular plot involvement. Allowing a player to choose this race may not be as satisfying later in the campaign. The orc race is nearly eliminated and a stronger bloodline replaces it. Half-orcs are no longer available because the orcs do not want to dilute their bloodline with impurity.

Later campaign[edit]

These humans migrate to Andu from other continents and thus were not available early on in the campaign. Each of these humans has a +1 in one particular stat and a -1 to another stat.

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