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There is a feud between the divine and arcane that all the players (and their characters) are aware of. What they don't know is that the arcane is fighting itself.

The history[edit]

There used to be schools of magic for arcane and divine users that specialized in certain types of spells. There were:

  • School of calling
  • School of charm
  • School of compulsion
  • School of creation
  • School of figments
  • School of glamer
  • School of healing
  • School of pattern
  • School of phantasm
  • School of polymorph
  • School of scrying
  • School of shadow
  • School of summoning
  • School of teleportation
  • School of time

It was naturally thought that these schools were disbanded due to the unbalanced power. Some schools like compulsion and creation were more vast than that of say time. The exact events are lost in history and so were some spells. Mysterious deaths of key figures ensured that the school spells be kept secret from the rest of the magic users.

This all happened around the reign of King Andu from which the land was renamed after. Two of the schools and their members disappeared so Teleportation and time spells were no longer available. The two schools fight each other and are rarely ever seen using their magic in the open.

Spells affected by the alternative hp system[edit]

A number of spells such as Aid that give temporary hit points and Cure Minor Wounds do not work as effectively in this world due to the alternative hit point system used.

Also the Pride domain should be banned due to the granted power: Whenever you roll a 1 on a saving throw you may immediately reroll the save. You must keep the result of the second roll, even if it results in the roll of another 1. At higher levels, the character becomes almost invincible once the fort saves get up to +15 or so.

Banned/modified early campaign spells[edit]

The Teleportation and Time spells are banned temporarily during the early campaign. They are available in the later campaign.

Teleportation spells: Baleful Transposition, Benign Transposition, City Stride, Desert Diversion, Dimension Door, Dimension Hop, Dimension Shuffle, Dimension Step, Dimensional Anchor, Dimensional Lock, Evacuation Rune, Fire Stride, Firestride Exhalation, Frostfell Slide, G'elsewhere Chant, Gemjump, Lutzaen's Frequent Jaunt, Maze, Node Door, Plane Shift, Refuge, Regroup, Scattering Trap, Shadow Path, Stand, Stone Walk, Teleport, Greater Teleport, Mass Teleport, Teleport Object, Teleportation Circle, Translocation Trick, Transport via Plants, Tree Stride, Vanish, and Word of Recall.

Time spells (mainly from the Chronomancer book): Accelerate Animal Growth, Accelerate Lifeline, Accelerate Plant Growth, Accelerated Movement, Advance Image, Alacrity, Alter Fortune, Alternate Reality, Anticipate Teleportation, Greater Anticipate Teleportation, Articus's Devolutionary Warrior, Articus's Melee Manager, Conceal Temporal Anomaly, Create Slipgate, Decay, Delay Image, Delayed Blast Fireball, Detect Temporal Anomaly, Haste, Swift Haste, Item Supercharger, Lasting Breath, Life Sounding, Life Tether, Major Paradox, Minor Paradox, Paradox, Permanency, Plant Growth, Precognitive Sense, Preserve, Prophecy, Reverse Animal Growth, Reverse Lifeline, Reverse Plant Growth, Sever Lifeline, Slow, Slow Metabolism, Sustain, Temporal Eye, Temporal Push, Temporal Shell, Temporal Statis, Temporal Wall, Time Duplicate, Time Snare, Time Stop, Timeheal, Timereaver, Timeslip, Wesley's Delayed Damage, and Wesley's Temporal Disjunction.

True Seeing is also banned temporarily as the gods have not transcended. They remain on Andu and using True Seeing in their presence will blind a character permanently. Nothing short of Wish can remove this affliction.

Repair Damage spells have been altered and banned from beginning characters. This is plot device and explained later.

Creatures with innate ability to cast Slow or similar teleportation/time spells are unaffected by the ban/restriction. Items that use the spells listed as prerequisits to create are also temporarily banned.

Banned/modified later campaign spells[edit]

All previous banned/restricted spells are available.

Nystul's Magic Aura will be a level 0 spell later on in the campaign as plot device.

New Spells[edit]

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