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Annu Mountain Range[edit]

Along the northern coast of Andu lies a circular chain of mountains called Annu Mountain Range. A thick forest hides in the middle nearly cut off from the outside world except for gap to the south. No known races live in the forest or in the mountains and surrounding hills.

Cyclops Mountain[edit]

Only Cyclops mountain, the middle peak is named for an unusual yearly event. As if to celebrate the new year, the top of Cyclops Mountain glows in a briliant light all through the night. This only happens on New Year's Eve and nearly all of Andu use that event to mark their calendars. This hasn't always been the case. The first light show happened about 3 human generations ago (60 years) and the calendar years mark this as AFT (At First Light or After First Light). The event is now known as Night Light.

Twisted Woods[edit]

The forest in the center of Annu Mountain Range is called Twisted Woods due to the trees that intertwine with each other. These trees are so tangled that it blots out all light from the sun. If one of these trees happens to die, there is no way for it to fall and another tree spirals up to the top.

The 'Vine' trees appear to be native only to this location. The leaves are severely misshapen and the trees do not provide any known fruit. There are animals that live in the woods though many have not seen them, only heard their loud gibbering noises. Elves, Druids, and Rangers feel sorrow and an uneasy feeling upon approaching the forest edge.


This city is 3 days ride south on heavy horse (120 miles) from the southern edge of the Twisted Woods. This fishing city once traded heavily with dwarves who used to mine in the Annu Mountain Range but only the elderly would remember that. They recall Dwarven miners with burns and boils returning to Mura only to die of illness. No cure spell or other magic seemed to prevent their deaths. By 1 AFT (or one year after the first light) there were no more miners in those hills.

There is a saying that if you stay up all night to watch the Night Light that you will go permanently blind by morning. First thought of as an old wives' tale, this saying has some truth to it. Watchers of the Night Light describe it as being in front of a warm fire in the dead of night. The feeling of being pelted by rain though no wetness could be found is more of a common description the closer to Cyclops Mountain one gets.

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