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Personal history[edit]

I was a player in the World's Largest Dungeon setting with a DM that enjoyed killing off characters. The DM stated that the rules he was using are right from the books. We constantly argued over those rules since his version was not supported by the text. The players were not happy with the setting and when the DM stated that he will not accept any more challenges to his rules, three of us dropped the game. If he stated that the rules were 'house rules' then I wouldn't have argued about them.

I took 3 other players from that game to launch my own campaign. Since I am a full time student, work part time, and still have a social life... I don't plan my games out. I have informed the group that I am shooting from the hip and some things might not flow easily. Sometimes the encounters will be too tough and sometimes they will be very easy. As long as the players are happy and I have time available, we continue to play.

Thus the alternative hit point system was to prevent character deaths from the previous group. I don't collect character sheets or have a copy of them. I trust my players are fair and I wouldn't have them in my group if I thought otherwise.

The Group[edit]

The group I am catering to likes hack and slash with some minor roleplaying, some puzzles, and a plotline. Their ultimate goal is to gain various items, wealth, power, prestige, etc. You can ask your players key questions which might seem rather silly now, but it might play a part in later quests.

Key Questions[edit]

Some of the missions will have questions at the top. This will be information that is key to the mission in question. Some of it like alignments would be known from the beginning. Armor classes vary throughout the game and would be gathered just prior to that mission.

  • What do you want to see in this campaign? (i.e. riches, puzzles, roleplaying, etc.)
  • Would friendship be stronger than the law? (i.e. would you turn your friend in, rat them out?)
  • What is your character's alignment?
  • What diety or god does your character worship? (everyone follows a faith regardless of class)
  • What is your character's sexual preference?

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