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Common Gear[edit]

Any common item found in a 3.5 D&D book or selective 3.0 books should be okay with the DM. Some good picks would be MW climber's kit, scroll case, potion bandolier, and an everburning torch. Some not-so-good picks would be crossbows, rations, and barding.

Poisons are kinda rare in early campaign because most people don't use them. Everyone seems to be scraping by though the news of personal windfalls of wealth are on the tips of everyone's tongues.

Magical Gear[edit]

Keep in mind that some magical items like Goggles of Minute Seeing will not be available because it takes a restricted spell to make the item. Thus that item is also restricted. Powerful magic items will be increasingly rare as the later campaign continues. To make the commoner feel a bit more powerful, Nystul's Magic Aura (now a 0 level spell) is applied to anything for a gold pieces. The first detect magic cast by the group would make a common village light up.

Gear in Later Campaign[edit]

Gear takes a different shape in the later campaign. For years people have made money on picking the gear off of the dead soldiers in times of war to sell it back to them days later. They turned a small profit for day of hard work, not to mention the risk of disease or injury. A single spell revolutionized how equipment is handled.

An enchantment is placed upon the item in question, and a visible rune appears. If the item with the rune is stolen then it is returned to the owner in 24 hours. This helped recover many stolen property though resourceful thieves managed to pawn the items or break the enchantment.

If the owner dies then any enchanted items are passed onto their rightful heir. If the person is brought back to life, the items previously enchanted do not return. If the owner is detained and an item is stolen from them, it will return to the place it was stolen from 24 hrs later, not to the person detained. Thus a person can't intentionally steal lock picks from a detained individual in hopes that the picks would get to them a day later.

At this time some individuals will have the means to travel through time in order to bargain shop. This nearly collapsed the economy as merchants took major losses just to get rid of bulk items. To prevent that, the rune allowed merchants to keep the same inventory and rent out gear. The cost to rent equipment is 1/100th the price per day. This does not pay for feed for horses and other consumables.

Money in Later Campaign[edit]

Due to high theft people decided that it was not safe to carry around a sack of coins and gems would be equally as dangerous. Using new runic magic, money stones are enchanted to allow a character a way to safely store valuables.

The first stones were about the size of a child's fist and could hold nearly 100 coins. Perfecting the spell, the new stones are about the size of an adult's fist (2 lbs), with the shape of a potato, and can 'hold' up to 10,000 coins. Many thieves have resorted to violence as the victim empties the money stone with their dying breath. Called bloodstones, the Merchant's Guild that offers these stones can do nothing to shake the nickname. There is rumors that they have designed a ring much like the blood stones that holds gems.

Breaking open a bloodstone will yield no wealth as the valuables are actually transported to a Merchant Guild location for safe keeping. A small fee is extracted periodically for maintaining the valuables in a secured location. The guild can deactivate a stolen bloodstone to prevent any illegal activity.

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