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Heroic Tier Class Feats
These are available to a character of any level who meets the prerequisites.
Name Prerequisite(s) Description
Arcane Cuts Blood Mage, Covenant of Chaos class feature You increase the potency of your Covenant of Chaos.
Battle Link Blood Mage A bloodied ally assists your attacks and you heal them in return.
Blood Hunter Ranger, hunter's quarry class feature You thirst for the blood of a certain type of creature.
Butchering Expertise Tsuku-Master, oni-obake class feature
Crackling Wildfire Fire and lightning rain down upon your foes with the fury of a raging storm.
Developed Mastery Str 15, Dex 15, Developed Style class feature, Elemental Swordsman (4e Class). Through hard training, you have mastered your own style.
Directed Roar of the Jungle King Lioneer, roar of the jungle king class feature Your roar becomes a directed blast rather than a general burst.
Draconic Ancestry
Draconic Fury Dracomancer, Draconic Predator +1 to attacks with draconic powers against bloodied enemies.
Dragon's Rage Dracomancer, Dragon Shape +1 to damage for each adjacent enemy while in your Half-Dragon form.
Dragonsbane Dragoon, Str 13
Elemental Assistance Elemental Calling, Elemental Swordsman (4e Class), Wis 13. The spirits of the elements guide you when attempting skills.
Elemental Bond Power of the Elements class feature, Elemental Swordsman (4e Class)
Enraged Blood Lust Your blood lust increases
Enraged Half-Dragon Form Dracomancer, dragon shape +1 attack, +2 damage when charging in half-dragon form.
Entropic Affinity Elementalist, Chaos Power
Ferocious Half-Dragon Form Dracomancer, dragon shape You deal extra damage while in your half-dragon form against targets you have advantage against.
Find your Quarry Ranger, hunter's quarry class feature Be ready for battle faster, when your Quarry is revealed.
Flail Duelist Assassin Rogue You can use flails like other rouges use daggers
Flail Duelist Brawler Fighter
Flail Duelist Novice Str 11; Dex 15; fighter, ranger, rogue, or barbarian; proficiency with any one-handed flail or any flail with reach Your skill with flails opens up options in combat you otherwise wouldn't have.
Flail Duelist Rager Barbarian A barbarian is frightening, a barbarian with flail expertise is terrifying.
Flaming Blade Str 15, Wis 13, Elemental Swordsman (4e Class)
Frenzied Lion's Pelt Lioneer, lion's pelt power Your unarmed claw attacks deal more damage.
Ghost-Bound Strategy Tsuku-Master, noppera-obake class feature
Greater Deadly Charge Spider Rider, Deadly Charge class feature Your charges are even more deadly.
Healing Touch Cha 15, any arcane class You can channel your magic to heal your allies.
Knight of the Spider Queen Spider Rider You are a master of spider-mounted combat, easily the equal (or superior) of any horseman.
Lethal Execution Ghost Warrior Your Ghostly Chaos attacks with two handed weapons use d8's
Lethal Poison Ghost Warrior Your ranged attacks slow your target
Long-Jump Dragoon, Dex 13
Martial Expertise Barbarian You gain access to chainmail, scale and plate armor.
Mettle Finesse Lioneer, mettle class feature You deal more damage for maximizing your mettle spending.
Mobility (Warmage) Warmage Whenever you Empower a Mystic Orb, you may shift a number of squares equal to your Wisdom modifier. Whenever you conjure a Mystic Orb, you may shift a number of squares equal to one half of your Wisdom modifier.
Obelisk Hunter (Shaman), Spirit Totem (Shaman Encounter Power) The size of your totem is increased to large, taking up 2 x 2 squares instead of 1 square, or 4 x 4 squares at paragon levels.
Ride-By Attack Dexterity 15, Spider rider You are skilled at making fast, overrun charges.
Rune Caster Artificer (4e Class) Your training in rune magic has paid off.
Savage Critcal Ghost Warrior Your ghostly attacks tear deeper into your foe's
Second Skin Dragoon, Con 15
Shadow Distraction Ghost Warrior You are adept at distracting foes and sneaking by unoticed
Spellbook of Arachane Lore Arachnomancer
Spiderfriend Weaves Arachnomancer Your weaves do not affect your spiderkind allies.
Surprising Riposte Rogue, trained in bluff skill Through deft maneuvres, you unravel your opponent's defenses.
Tainted Blood Demon Hunter You can reduce the damage of your Demon's power ability by one in order to slow the target.
Vengeful Blood Blood Mage You take vengeance upon an enemy that harms you, using your blood to power your next spell.
Versatile Combatant Ranger, proficiency with rapier and hand crossbow, two-weapon fighting style You have learned to combine attacks with the favoured weapons of the drow.
Vestiges You must be a warlock with vestige pact.
Wind In Your Sails Elemental Swordsman With the wind behind and beneath you, you can jump further and higher than before.
Paragon Tier Class Feats
These are available to a character of 11th level or higher who meets the prerequisites.
Name Prerequisite(s) Description
Demon Sense Demon Hunter, Level 11 You gain a +2 bonus to initiative, insight, and perception, and can tell the location of every creature on the battlemap, even if they are obscured by cover or concealment.
Headbutt Charge Monk class, Drunken Master Style Giving next to no regard of your own safety, you charge headlong at your foe, suddenly twitching and dealing an attack.
Nyoijizai's Blessing Tsuku-Master, nyoijizai's reach class feature
Poison Spell Arachnomancer, or ability to use one or more arcane powers You can mystically transfer poison with your spells.
Potable Mastery Monk, Drunken Master To any other man, a jug of wine would hinder their capabilities, but to you it is like a refreshing gust of wind that blows away your pain.
Rapid Pelt 11th level, Feral Lioneer, lion's pelt power You can morph with your pelt faster.
Repeated Regal Roar 11th level, Regal Lioneer, roar of the jungle king power You can use your roar more than once.
Santoryuu Fighter, 11th level, Two-Weapon Fighting You have learnt santoryu, the three-sword style.
Shadow Tactician Twili, Warlord +1 Reflex and AC to allies in dim or darker light
Totem Master Hunter (Shaman), Spirit Totem (Shaman Encounter Power) You may summon two totems with your Spirit Totem power.
Epic Tier Class Feats
These are available to a character of 21st level or higher who meets the prerequisites.
Name Prerequisite(s) Description
Master Weaver Arachnomancer You can twist your weaves to omit small areas from your weaves.
Staggering Critical Ability to score a critical hit with a weapon group on the roll of 19-20 Your critical hits sent your foes reeling.
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