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Totem Master [Paragon]

You may summon two totems with your Spirit Totem power.
Prerequisite: Hunter (Shaman), Spirit Totem (Shaman Encounter Power)
Benefit: You are a true master of the spirits and the elements, possessing enough power and skill to manifest multiple totems at once. You may summon two totems of the same or different types at a single time when your use your Spirit Totem Shaman Encounter power, however only one totem effect may apply to each creature within the totem's range. If multiple totems are summoned, only one totem blessing is applicable to a creature even if they are within range of another totem's blessing. If a creature is within range of two totem blessings, they may choose to apply one totem blessing effect to themselves, but may not apply both effects at the same time.

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