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Appraise Feats
Feat Prerequisite Summary
Animate Wall You can make your wall spells move.
Arcane Admixture One other metamagic feat, Knowledge (arcana) 5 ranks You can modify a spell that inflicts energy damage to mix in an equal amount of arcane damage.
Arcane Energy Spell Any three metamagic feats, Int 20, Knowledge (arcana) 15 ranks, arcane caster level 12th Your arcane knowledge of the energies of the world are so great that you can manipulate them into any form of energy.
Arcane Power You can infuse your damaging arcane spells with raw magical energy.
Arcane efficiency Any Spell Focus, ability to cast 5th arcane spells, must have three 5th level or higher spell with the same school chosen for spell focus Many years of casting the same spells you have learned to use them move effective than others.
Area Control You can exactly control the spread of an area spell.
Armored Casting Caster level 5th, 18 Charisma Whoever takes this feat can ignore arcane spell failure induced by armor to a maximum of 50%.
Avatar of Compassion Heal 18 ranks, Master of Compassion You have become an Avatar of Compassion. Healing spells naturally become fully powered, and your healing touch can reach to those normally out of reach.
Bane Spell Any other metamagic feat Deal double damage to specific types of enemies.
Blasting Spell Able to cast any spell with the Fire descriptor, Empower Spell
Blasting Spell (Metamagic) Empower Spell, any spell with the [Fire] descriptor Your AoE spells are far more effective, literally blasting your enemies away from the area in a magical explosion
Blistering Spell Your fire spells sear the flesh from your enemies' bones, leaving them wracked with pain.
Blooded Metamagic Any other metamagic feat, Caster Level 3rd, Constitution 13+ You power your spells with your own essence
Bone Art Knowledge (Architecture and Engineering) 5 ranks, Ability to summon undead You can create weapons, armor and possibly siege equipment for your undead minions.
Champion Summoner Spell Focus (Conjuration), Augment Summoning, Superior Summoning, the ability to cast Summon Monster II The creatures you conjure are selected from the best of their race.
Channel Touch Spell You can cast a touch spell through your melee weapon.
Cluster spell Any two metamagic feats Let you cast a spells into another spell area
Communal Spell You can spread the effects of your spell to multiple allies by dividing its duration amongst them.
Componentless Casting Caster level 20 NPC only Through your own rituals, you can ignore the horrible cost of body and mind that other spellcasters must pay.
Concentration Spell You can extend the duration of your spells through concentration.
Conductive Spell Ability to cast a spell that deals electricity damage, caster level 3rd. You can cause your electricity to zero in on a target.
Consistent Spell Any non-chaotic You incur the power of order to give your spells consistently.
Controlled Burst You have greater control over burst and spread spells.
Deafening Spell The sonic volume of your spells reaches deafening levels.
Delay Spell You may delaty the effect of a spell you cast.
Destructive Force You can increase the damage limitations of certain spells.
Dual Energy Spell You can interchange two types of energy for one another.
Dweomercræft Intelligence 27, Any Six Metamagic Feats, Improved Metamagic Some mages have come to a unique understanding of metamagical processes, rendering them capable of effortlessly altering their spells.
Efficient Spell You can cast a spell as a move action.
Eldrich Focus Able to use 'Eldrich Blast' Slight boost to Eldrich Blast
Eldrich Specialization 3rd level character, Eldrich Focus More Damage dealt through spell-like ability.
Elemental Affinity Any other metamagic feat, Spellcraft 8 ranks Allows user to change any spell using elements to another element of a chosen type.
Emergency Response Quicken Spell May cast Spells from the Healing Domain as Immediate Action.
Enervate Spell-Like Ability Character level 6, Spell-like ability gained through either a feat, Racial Ability or class feature. This feat allows Characters with spell-like abilities to enhance one according to one of their ability scores.
Eschew Materials Variant Ignore material components of 1 gp or less for free, adjust spell level for costs above that.
Essence Mixture Energy Substitution, Access to at least 4th level spells Mixes spell types to create new spell
Exhaustive Casting None Allows you to spend more energy to make your spells harder to resist.
Expand Spell You can cast spells with a larger area of effect.
Far Touch Spell After set-up, you can cast a touch spell on a willing creature at long range.
Fast Spell Cuts the casting time of your spells.
Force Spell You can infuse your damaging arcane spells with force.
Foregone Focus Spellcasters no longer need a focus
Gambling Cast Allows you to take a risk to possibly increase the maximum power of a non-variable effect from a spell.
Gambling Mage Able to cast 3rd level spells. You are willing to risk losing spell potency to reach for the ultimate payout.
General Recharge Spell Ability to cast previously prepared arcane spells of at least 2nd level You can cast a spell repeatedly.
Ghost Spell You can cast spells that are especially effective against incorporeal opponents.
Giveaway Spell You give away control over a spell.
Greater Eldrich Focus 6th level character, Eldrich Focus Better odds of hitting even moreso
Greater Eldrich Specialization 9th level character, Eldrich Specialization, Greater Eldrich Focus Further Specialization, doing more damage
Greater Enervate Spell-Like Ability Character Level 8, Enervate Spell-Like Ability, At least one spell-like ability. A stronger version of the Enervate Spell-Like ability feat, Allows you to link to 2 ability bonuses.
Greater Held Charge Con 13 You have mastered your body’s ability to hold a magical charge.
Hasty Spell Ability to cast spells, Caster Level 6th. You can sacrifice spell efficiency and effectiveness for greater casting speed.
Haunt Spell Spell Focus (Necromancy) Your magic continues to walk the earth as a spirit.
Hellscorched Spell Evil alignment. Your fire spells draw power from the Nine Hells, burning hotter than normal.
Hole In The Middle You can create a hole in an area spell to avoid being affected
Imbue Power Weapon Focus Simply put, theres more them one way to use magic power.
Imbue Seeking Spellcraft 8 Ranks, Weapon Focus You've become more adapt at using both weapon and magic together and have devised a cunning trick to hit and even track unsuspecting targets.
Imbuement Int, Cha or Wis 15, Spellcraft 4 Ranks, Weapon Focus There comes a time in every spell caster's life when they wanna to pick someone off that's out of reach or smack someone with a sword that explodes in their face.
Improved Efficient Item Craft Efficient Item Creation Craft things faster
Improved Extend Spell Extend Spell You can greatly increase the duration of your spells.
Improved Nonlethal Substitution Any three metamagic feats, Knowledge (arcana) 15 ranks. You can modify a spell that uses energy to deal damage to deal nonlethal damage instead.
Improved Prestidigitation Parlour Tricks Your skill with prestidigitations is impressive, they last longer, are more believable, and awe other casters.
Innate Metamagic Int 11, Innate spell-like ability, Ability to cast spells, One or more metamagic feats The creature can use its spellcasting knowledge to modify its innate spell-like abilities with learned metamagic feats.
Instant Spell Quicken Spell, Caster Level 30, able to cast 12th-level spells. You can cast spells instinctively.
Invisible Spell You may make your spells invisible.
Learned Metamagic Int 13, Ability to cast Arcane spells without preparation (like a bard or sorcerer), Any Metamagic feat, Spellcraft 8 ranks, Knowledge (Arcana) 8 ranks Through hard work, study and dedication, you have learned to combine your arcane knowledge with your innate spellcasting ability, enabling you to prepare certain metamagic spells.
Magic Missile Mastery Ability to cast magic missile, Intelligence 15+ You have learned the secrets of magic missile.
Mass Effect Spell
Mass Spell Your spells can benefit more targets.
Metaffinity Ability to cast Arcane spells without preparation (like a bard or sorcerer), Any metamagic feat You are adept at casting metamagic Arcane spells without prior preparation.
Metamagic Master Four Metamagic Feats You can cast spells using metamagic feats more easily than normal.
Metamagic Pool One other metamagic feat, caster level 6th. You can sacrifice lower level spell slots to power your metamagic.
Mindless Effort
Multimetamagic None You are now able to place a metamagic feat on a spell twice.
Multiply Spell Repeat Spell, Twin Spell, Quicken Spell, Practical Magic for all 3. Cast many copies of a spell at a very high spell level.
Nonlethal Spell Your spell does not kill.
Overcharged Spell The current delivered by your electrical spells is so high that it damages creatures that normally have resistance or immunity to electricity.
Personal Spell Selective Spell. Personal spell transforms a spell's range to Personal.
Powerless Spell
Prestige Flexibility Qualify for prestige class which levels at least 1 other pre-existing class. Must be able to stack prestige and base classes. Int or Wis 15+ Every time you take a level in a prestige class that levels a pre-existing class you may choose 1 class to gain special abilities from.
Prismatic Energy Spell
Prodigious caster 17 in your spell saving throw determining ability (int for mages, cha for sorcerers and so on); this feat can only be chosen as a level one character. You were born with the gift of magic. The spells you cast are way more powerful than those of the average magic user, even though you aren't so brilliant in the martial arts.
Prolonged Feat Extend Spell Extends the duration of a spell to 1 hour/level.
Protective Spell Ability to cast spells. Your protective spells are more potent.
Protector Con 18+ You see a ally in danger of getting shot by a crossbow, as you concentrate you feel the impact of the bolt hit you instead of your friend.
Purifying Spell Any good alignment, caster level 4 Inflict half damage as subdual damage that can not be healed normally.
Quick Dispel 2 Metamagic Feats, atleast 6 ranks in spellcraft You can counterspell a spell that you have prepared, at one spell level higher.
Quicken Summoning This allows the caster to summon creatures more quickly.
Racial Spell
Range Increment One other Metamagic Feat, Knowledge (arcana) 5 ranks Increases the Range of the chosen spell by 1.
Red Magic Must be able to spontaneously cast magic and must use spell points A powerful if reckless multicasting feat
Resilient Summoning Spell Focus (Conjuration), Augment Summoning. Your summoned creatures are more resistant to banishment and warding.
Ritual Spell
Scorching Spell
Shadow Enhancement Illusionist 3
Shadow Illusion Illusionist 8 Your images are imbued with material from the Plane of Shadow, making them partially real.
Share Spell You can bestow your personal spells upon others.
Sharp-Eyed Fighter Strength less than 15, Dexterity at least 12.

Lack of strength to have the need for an alternative, Dex to actually hit those points.

Those who use their perception to spot points to attack rather than striking aimlessly, those who do are sharp-eyed fighters
Signature Focus
Slow Spell
Song Magic, Variant Perform 4 ranks, at least one level in a spellcasting class You have learned to incorporate music into your spellcasting.
Specific Recharge Spell
Spiritual Metamagic Other two metamagic feats, Chastise Spirits class feature, Caster Level 9th The connection with the spiritual world allows the Spirit Shaman to sacrifice your ability to affect it in order to make your metamagic more versatile
Splice Spells
Spontaneous Spell, Variant Ability to cast prepared spells, Caster Level 6th. You can sacrifice a prepared spell to cast an unprepared spell.
Stable Spell
Stylize Spell
Subtle Spell
Sudden Metamagic Any one metamagic feat, Spellcraft 8 ranks. You are far more versatile with your metamagic.
Super Spell Empower Spell, Maximize Spell, Intensify Spell, Spellcraft 60 ranks, ability to cast 9th-level arcane or divine spells You can cast spells with extraordinary effect
Thundering Spell
Transfer Spell
Trick Spell
Two-Handed Spell
Vitriolic Spell The acid conjured by your spells are so corrosive that it damages creatures that normally have resistance or immunity to acid.
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