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Meta Slots [<!-Feat Types (General, Fighter, etc.)->][edit]

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Benefit: Like the Metamage Prestige Class ability Metamagic Capacity the hero can now cast his lower lever spells at a higher level through these slots. These are for the sole purpose of empowering his spells, making up for his limited knowledge of spells. He can hold on to a higher level spell, then 4th, for a short time on a spell if the spell was altered and scribe on a scroll. He could then study it like a Wizard and hold on to the spell 1/hr per Int Modifier. Example, A Chain Lightning spell is modified by a Enlarge Spell(+1) or Energy Substitution(+0) would allow you to cast the spell. Even though Energy Substitution does not increase the spell level, it still modifies the spell.(I've helped you cheat enough for now).
Special: Hero Ability: Path Arcana & Divine Aptitude

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