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Enhance Spell [Epic, Metamagic][edit]

Prerequisite: Maximize Spell.

Benefit: The spell effect cap for the character’s spells increases by 10 caster levels. An enhanced spell uses up a spell slot four levels higher than the spell’s actual level. This feat has no effect on spells that don’t have an effect dictated by the caster’s level.

Examples: An enhanced magic missile would cap at caster level 19th (10 missiles).

An enhanced fireball would cap at caster level 20th (20d6).

An enhanced greater magic weapon would cap at caster level 30th (+7).

An enhanced cure critical wounds would cap at caster level 30th (4d8+30).

In all cases, your caster level still has to be high enough to gain the benefit. So a 27th-level caster casting an enhanced cure critical wounds would heal 4d8+27 points of damage.

Normal: Without this feat, the effect caps as indicated in the spell’s description.

Special: A character may gain this feat multiple times. A single spell may be enhanced a number of times equal to number of times this feat has been selected. Each additional enhancement requires a spell slot another four levels higher.

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