Greater Enervate Spell-Like Ability (3.5e Feat)

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Greater Enervate Spell-Like Ability [Metamagic]

A stronger version of the Enervate Spell-Like ability feat, Allows you to link to 2 ability bonuses.
Prerequisite: Character Level 8, Enervate Spell-Like Ability, At least one spell-like ability., Enervate Spell-Like Ability (
Benefit: Allows you to link the ability bonus from an additional ability score to the damage of a spell-like ability 3 times a day. Unlike the regular Enervate Spell-Like Ability feat, the greater version allows you to link ANY ability bonus to an already enervated ability. When you select this feat you must select which ability it is linked to, and this can not be changed. This feat can only be taken one time and is only able to be used with one spell-like ability that you have already chosen to use with the Enervate Spell-Like ability feat. Once this ability is chosen you can not change it.
Normal: N/A
Special: This feat can only be used with 2 other feats, and since the feat Enervate spell-like ability is required, that means you can only use it with one feat other than that one.

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