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Metamagic Pool [Metamagic]

You can sacrifice lower level spell slots to power your metamagic.
Prerequisite: One other metamagic feat, caster level 6th.
Benefit: When utilizing another metamagic feat, you may apply its effects without increasing the spell slot cost by sacrificing another daily spell slot with a spell level equal to the normal increase in spell level slot. For example, a 6th level Sorcerer could attempt to cast an Empowered Fireball. Normally, Fireball is a 3rd-level spell and the Empower Spell feat requires a spell slot of 2 levels higher. Utilizing this feat, the sorcerer could sacrifice a 2nd-level daily spell slot in order to cast the Fireball and use its 3rd-level daily spell slot normally. If you use multiple metamagic feats on one spell, you must use up a spell slot of a level equal to the accumulative increase to benefit from this feat. You cannot attempt to apply this feat on only one metamagic effect on a spell, but must calculate and accumulate all of them and then apply this feat to the total.

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