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Purifying Spell [Metamagic, Exalted]

Inflict half damage as subdual damage that can not be healed normally.
Prerequisite: Any good alignment, caster level 4
Benefit: This feat adds the good descriptor to a spell when applied to it. Additionally, if the spell deals damage, half that damage is exalted damage. Exalted damage stacks with and is treated the same as subdual damage; the differences are that it can not be normally healed, and good characters are immune.
Special: When the Purify Spell Metamagic Feat (BED 44) is applied to the spell, the damage dealt is by alignment: characters of a good alignment are dealt the full damage of the spell as normal subdual damage, characters of a morally neutral alignment take full normal damage, characters of a morally neutral alignment who commonly do or are doing evil deeds take half normal damage and half Exalted damage, and characters of an evil alignment take full permanent subdual damage.

Exalted damage cannot be normally healed, though there are a few ways of getting rid of it: an inflict or harm spell cast within the area of a desecrate or unhallow spell will remove 1 exalted damage per 2 damage inflicted. Performing good deeds will reduce exalted damage, and shifting alignment towards good will halve total exalted damage, while shifting to a good alignment will remove all exalted damage. In a similar manner, shifting alignment towards evil doubles exalted damage, but does not reinstate previously healed Damage. Unintelligent undead treat exalted damage as regular damage under the same healing restrictions. Good characters are immune to exalted damage. An atonement spell, cast by a character of positive alignment, will temporally suspend half of the existing exalted damage of the character it was cast on; this suspension will cease if that character performs an evil act. Use of atonement in this way does not cost experience.

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