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Blasting Spell You power your AoE attacks with forceful impact, blasting the opponents back. -

Blasting Spell [Metamagic]

This feat needs a summary
Prerequisite: Able to cast any spell with the Fire descriptor, Empower Spell
Benefit: This feat allows you to cast any spell with a range (other than personal "You") or an area with the additional boost to blast your enemies backward. Any opponent within the area or range of the spell that fails the save (or is hit by the touch attack) is blasted backward a distance of 5 ft./per dice of damage. For example: An 11th level Wizard casts fireball, which deals 10d6. Any opponent caught in the area of effect would be blasted backward 50ft, falling prone. You must cast the enhanced spell 3 spell slots higher.
Special: This feat will give many more options for a spellcaster. The additional space between a melee oriented person and a spellcaster, the better for the caster. This additional time may be used to buff party members usually, while it also gives time to hide or escape.

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