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Welcome to D&D Wiki![edit]


Hello TheBigBadWolf8, and welcome to D&D Wiki! I hope you are enjoying D&D Wiki and have been finding the information here useful. Before you start contributing, we recommend you make sure your user preferences match your preferences.


If you have any questions about a specific page please ask it on that page's talk page. If you have a D&D-related question, you can ask it on DnD Discussions. Everything relating to D&D Wiki's administration can be asked here. If you need to contact another user, please use their talk page.


Syntax can be very difficult, and if you need help a good place to start is Help:Editing on Wikipedia (or even their Introduction page). This will explain basic wiki formatting and should provide quite a few useful links that explain more specific areas of wiki formatting. Help:Portal also provides detailed explanation of information important specifically to this community.


A strong and welcoming community exists on D&D Wiki, and I'm sure you will find us friendly. To enable the community to function, a number of policies are in effect. Most importantly, we follow and expect you to follow Wikipedia's guidelines on civility and etiquette when discussing anything. As most work has multiple authors, please do not delete content without following our removal process. When posting a comment on a talk page, please ensure you sign your name with four tildes (~~~~) or by clicking on the signature icon (Signature icon.png). This will automatically produce your name and the date. I hope you come to enjoy D&D Wiki and the community. Welcome again, you are now a D&D Wikian. Blobby383b (talk) 13:36, 1 December 2019 (MST)


Please do not edit diambiguation pages like Mist, they exist to make other pages easier to find. Your race has been moved to its proper name space at Mist (5e Race). -Ref3rence (talk) 11:14, 29 March 2020 (MDT)


Hey there, TheBigBadWolf8, I just wanted to tell you that while you have done a good job creating orginal flavor text for the goliath, you did unfortunately copy a lot text from here, and as of right now the race still contains plagiarized text. As such, you will be receiving an official warning for plagiarism. Don't let the warning dissuade you though, you can continue to make new and unique works on the wiki, but try and make sure that everything you create on the wiki is original work. Also, if you ever have any questions, need help, or otherwise want to ask something you can ask for help by posting your questions to a helper's talk page or by asking the questions on the wiki's discord. Hope your future brews go well, --Blobby383b (talk) 22:46, 7 April 2020 (MDT)

Take Note[edit]

Ive contacted you over facebook. it states: Hello, Im William. Theres a few things id like to discuss. I am not satisfied with your wiki page or your staff. Not only have i got no ways to contact you other than this but the wiki 'help' and 'talk to admin' isn't described as what it is. I received a warning on the 7th of April for plagiarism, without even being given a chance to fix and rewrite it into my own perseption. I have no way of contacting that admin, atleast i havnt seen a way of contacting the admin that isnt obvious. The communication here for a 'freindly' admins has been poor. Im very annoyed at the lack of responsibility, rather than helping me to add it to the page your admin decided otherwise. Id also like to point out how hard it is to navigate around the wiki, I had no clue that there were templates for making races or about the warning system, this should have been clear on an introductory page when making an account. I am a local DM in the derbyshire region and I have personally had a bad experience with the communication and support of admins. I wish to remove all my creations from the wiki and my account but cannot find anywhere that will help me. The wiki, requires alot of help and devotion so helping your members when they enter the wiki to move around and get used to the ropes because personally i found that it was a struggle. I'd would have liked to have worked with your admins to help me better understand what im doing wrong and to push forward ideas into developing your page for better use for everyone, however due to the given circumstances and the fact i cannot find where to contact you, i wish to resign from the wiki and i will be asking my players and other DM's in my circuit to help me instead. They are aware of the problems with your team and website and i have not prevented them from using it but have made aware of your errors. Not to say this is completely down to the wiki but it was my fault for copying text from a fandom page and i apologize but i would have liked some help to implament it in the page without getting a warning. If I find that other DM's or my players have any issues i will be advising them not to use your page and we will find other means but i hope it doesnt come to that. It wasnt made clear enough to me or anybody else about how the wiki works but now i understand i do not wish to contribute more with you. I apologize for any disruption i have caused but i think i am owed an apology too for your lack of communication. I hope you and your team develop on these problems and come to a solution in the future. Thank you, Have a nice day.
I as a member of your community are disappointed with your lack of support. Although I have received a message back from another admin stating that they will sort this issue. I am to blame for Palagerism but you could have helped me remake my page so that it didn't include the plagiarism part and the main concept exists still. I am infuriated at the sudden action and your lack of responsibility to help your community where it is needed. The Help portal is really confusing so I have little ways of contacting the admins. I hope this gets sorted soon, again sorry for any inconvenience on my behalf but I disagree with your actions and how it was treated. Thank you.

Hello William. Please do not delete other people's comments. Onto your complaint, we take plagiarism rather seriously here, but as Blobby said, it should not deter you from bettering the page after. The warning is just a reminder to do better next time, as your page has not been deleted, not a witch hunt for a single mistake. Blobby also left you venues to communicate with admins better like on talk pages or the wiki discord. You can also find a list of the current admins here to contact via their user talk pages, and PJammaz left helpful links for you on your goliath talk page. I hope this helps alleviate some of the problems you had and that they do not impede on your future brewing.--Yanied (talk) 14:15, 6 May 2020 (MDT)
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