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I've been playing 5e for a few years but I'm fairly new to homebrew. I specialize in grammar, proofreading, and editing. If you want me to read something, hit me up!

If you're looking for some images you can check out this collection on DeviantArt.

Incomplete 5e Creatures

To Do[edit]

  • I am always looking for images used on the wiki that are not sourced or are missing the proper license.
  • Replace all images uploaded without permission.
  • Categorize uncategorized images.
  • Update publications to current and categories.
  • Update covers of publications to better resolutions
  • Update image license templates
  • Templates for other licenses (CC0, 1, 2 etc)


I consider these articles to be more or less complete:

Current Projects[edit]

These aren't really ready yet.

Future Plans[edit]

  • The Magicians setting:
    • Hedge Witch class/background
    • Our Lady Underground
    • Cacodemon (Magicians)
    • Cacodemon Trap
    • Rhinemann Ultra
    • Virgo and Leo Blades
    • Ember and Umber
    • Fairy dust (ground up fairy that lets you cast magic)
    • The Magicians campaign setting
    • Fairy Eye
    • Fairy race
  • Smite stuff
    • Bellona's Brand
  • Demon Cycle setting
    • Warded class
    • Demons
    • Sharum class
    • Dama class
    • Herbalist class
    • Wooden Knight class
    • Jongleur class
    • Merchant class?
  • Gamma World
  • The Adventure Zone
  • Other
    • Microscope-Style World Building Rules
    • Slime Knight
    • Lonxin race
    • Cartoon Violence
    • Collector background
    • 5e SRD:Leadership
  • The Binding of Isaac
  • Hyrule
    • Madderpillar
    • Gust Jar
    • Mulldozer
    • Puffstool
    • Sluggula
    • Vaati
    • Swiftblade
    • Picolyte
  • copyright art template
  • Xianxia sourcebook
  • Healing totem spell/item
  • 7th Tower stuff?

Currently Playing[edit]

Level 9 human kensei monk
Shayl Duskwater
Level 4 human samurai fighter

Useful Things[edit]


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