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  • 3 Star
magic missile?
  • Adage, the sword of truth
  • Extraordinary
  • Heir Sword
very weak sword probably not even magical
  • Wish, the sword of hope
violet-colored sword. this sword was once used to seal the painting that contained an evil dragon, hits multiple enemies


  • Black Pearl
restores all hp
  • Charm Ring
wards off evil spirits
  • Fairy Lamp
creates paths
  • Ivy Seed
  • Kinkazou
herb that stops magic
  • Miracle nut
restores all spells
  • Moon Fragment
  • Ruby Charm
Damage undead
  • Sapphire Charm
Created from the tears of Polinak, the swordsman
  • Spores
single use sleep
  • Sprite Ring (Gem of Seeing)
reveals hidden things, perception
  • Treant Fruit
restores all of your hp and spell slots
  • Unicorn Horn
arcane focus
  • Water of Life
restores incapacitate creature
  • Y Fruit
damages enemies but reduces your magic


monstrous centipede with a man-like face and a giant mane


  • country of Riccar
  • Mirror World

Important People[edit]

  • Prince Theo
  • King Hennesy
  • Camu, magician of love
  • Martel, magician of wisdom
  • Shabow, magician of courage
  • Mammon, evil god
  • Pascal, the knight
  • Zakdos, evil demon


  • Secret spell
creates a portal to the Mirror World
  • Collin Clan
defends the prison of Zakdos to ensure he doesn't escape
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