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Shilah, a vampire goddess of magic and torture. She controls the Nervesnap layer as the creator, located in the Negative Energy Plane, and she is famous for being a creator to number of artifacts such as the Flail of Everfrost, Blade of Jagged Plague and the Bell of Resonating Fear. Her domain that is not included in the standard cleric domain is the Torture domain and the Outlaw domain. All the spells in the Torture domain is not in the standard set of spells: Stinging Itch, Cramp, Peel, Agonize, Razor Blood, Thorny Bones, Wriggle Intestine, Lung Blow, and the spell that is currently going through serious discussion, Torment Puzzle.

Ondory is the phoenix deity of courage and justice. As a renown hunter of evil, his influence spreads far from within his realm on Mount Celestia. His followers more than often include paladins, and his shining plumage is the cause for his followers to tie him to the image of a sun.

Lakh Ankh is the goddess of amphibians. She is a healer and preserver of nature, living on chaotic good plane of Beastlands. Her followers are not limited to amphibious creatures, and is spread widely through the multiverse. She provides the Frog domain.

Acalaccog is a dark naga deity of addiction. He promotes creation of powerful drugs, and spreading the influence of such chemicals. He himself creates vast amounts of addicting mixtures, but his realm is so perilous that no creature that enters it makes the way out alive.

Zyzyx is a spirit of elemental earth who have been pressed and polished to the point of metallic and crystalline form. He believes that perfection will bring peace to the world and spies from the Plane of Mirrors intending to correct any mishaps that happen in the multiverse.

Thousand Face is the amalgamation of what deities have for nightmare. He is the manifestation of malice, locked away in his plane. If he ever gains enough power to escape, it is said that his power influences the multiverse and destroys even the concept of virtue and justice.

An erythropine is an undead minion of Shilah; with some traits of a vampire and some traits of a porcupine, this creature is meant to stalk and torment helpless victims.

A firebloom golem is a construct that seems like a tree but is actually a machine of fiery fury. It lashes out with an onslaught of extreme heat and explosions.

An agony golem is a construct that serves as a mobile home for waspider swarms, which has stings that drives pain into those unfortunate to stumble across it. They are relished for its ability to aid undead and hunt creatures.

An Uttervoid Slosh is the spell Enervation given life, and it wanders around searching for victims to drain life from.

An inooa is the creature of Limbo, whose form constantly changes to fit its needs and more importantly the surrounding which is as ferocious as the creature if not more. With many different forms, this creature makes a terrible foe to fight on a terrible terrain.

A creature of utter cold, a fooling is a fey that keeps territory in a frozen cavern but roams around peacefully during the day.

The burning soul is a prestige class for the warrior of justice who wishes to fight crusades for his life. The burning soul protects the innocent and stands in the way of evil forces from making their way. Most of the abilities are related to suppressing evil and surviving combats. Constitution score is a critical status for the burning soul.

The frostbringer is a class for someone who can channel the cold of the harshest regions. Even though they might not be as competent as a barbarian or a fighter in melee combat, their ability to freeze their enemies is a great plus, and they are even stronger in cold terrains.

The justice lock is a shield fused with good and lawful power. It protects the yielder from evil and allows a chance to strike back at chaotic creatures, so it is a perfect equipment for a paladin.

Feats like Extra Additional Attacks and Greater Additional Attacks help fighters in combat by making more attacks, while feats like Morph Hopper and Morph Speeder boosts the abilities of shape changers like druids and lycanthropes by increasing range of actions they can do.

Some invocations help the warlock with their capabilities. Water descender allows the warlock to get himself submerged in water without some of the detriments to do so. Free squirming gives the warlock the ability to slip through encumbrances and relieving himself of being crushed. Abyssal mindwrack is a way to use eldritch blast to destroy the mind of your opponents.

A new disease called fossilflesh, which stiffens the body of its host and affects physical activities, is now on loose.


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