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One wizard, one vampire, this princess of horror has declared a war against a continent. All its kingdoms, and all its churches made an alliance to defeat her. They managed to defeat her, but their loss was a third of all living in it. And she escaped... One of vampire goddess Shilah's special artifact that she has forged in the time between her life of humanity and her life of deity, this flail has been known to be so cold that it can make frozen statues out of its victims.


This is a +3 Ghost Touch Flail. Its head closely resembles a huge block of ice in appearance. It is white from the cold energy that even freezes the air around it. Its head and the chain seems to be made out of modified adamantine beneath the layer of ice, and is almost indestructible. This weapon is treated as a Frost weapon, dealing 1d6 points of cold damage on a successful hit... when it's not activated.

Upon command, the Flail of Everfrost unleashes an unearthly cold. It absorbs the first 20 points of fire damage that the user would otherwise take. Non-magical fire in an adjacent square to the user immediately vanishes. On a successful hit with this weapon, it deals an additional 3d6 cold damage instead of the 1d6 cold damage by an ordinary frost weapon. On a successful disarm attack or a trip attack with this flail, it also deals 1d10 cold damage, and the target is dealt 1d2 temporary Dexterity damage.

If the user rolls a natural 20 with the attack (followed by a successful roll to confirm the critical hit) while it is active, this flail unleashes even further fury of merciless chill. Instead of the 3d6 cold damage, it deals 12d6 cold damage and the target must succeed a DC15 Fortitude check or become fatigued. This blast of freezing devastation is so cold, it deals 3d6 cold damage to the user.

Upon a critical failure while this flail is activated, the flail strikes the user dealing 5d6 points of cold damage. The user then must make a DC15 fortitude check or become fatigued. If the user is already fatigued, then the user becomes exhausted. If the user is already exhausted, then the user becomes disabled. Creatures with resistance to cold cannot be exhausted or disabled by this effect, and creatures that are immune to cold is not affected at all.

Noncombat Use[edit]

This flail can be activated and be used to put out fire. Non-magical fire within 10 feet of it is automatically extinguished. Also, it can be used to dispel fire spell that is currently in effect, with a dispel check of 1d20+19 against such magical fire. The DC to dispel such spells is 11 + the caster level of the fire spell.

When activated, striking a body of water can immediately freeze it solid. It can create 100 square feet of ice 2 feet thick, which lasts for a little over a minute. On a critical, it can instead create 400 square feet of ice 2 feet thick. Ice 6 inches deep is strong enough to sustain medium sized creature, while 2 feet of ice is strong enough to allow a huge creature to walk on top. 50 points of fire damage is required to thaw a 25 square feet block of ice 2 inches thick.

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