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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A gaping mouth with bloody drool flowing from within
Home Plane: Ghostbar, on Thuidanin of Acheron
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Addiction, Cultivation, Chemistry, Weed
Clergy Alignments: Any Nongood
Domains: Plant, Creation, Dementation, Trickery, Charm
Favored Weapon: Club
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This long, purple, worm-like creature was once a fiendish dark naga renown for tactical planning and usage of magic. He was so confident and powerful in combat that devils have hired him take part in the Blood War. However, because his efforts contributed the devils with some victories, several demons made a plan to ambush him and tear him to shreds. His body was salvaged and treated, but in the process his body was exposed to a powerful drug that intoxicated his body and mind. He lost interest in all other affairs including the Blood War, and he sank his attention in the power of the chemicals.

Because of his encouragement of drugs, his followers soon grew to what spans the multiverse like a weed in a meadow. He gained power as a deity in a remarkable speed, and his power is now great enough that life in his perilous realm hardly matters to him. The only thing that bothers him is that, no matter how hard he tries to recreate them, he has not experienced the same bliss that he felt so long ago. He is a slave to that sensation that had led him to the status of a deity.


He looks like an over-sized purple worm, with a head that resembles a humanoid head without its lower jaws. The body stretches through every pits and hollows available, and when visible, the tail ends with a hand composed of six opposed talons. From between scales, fungal fibers grow like tiny limbs.


Do not hold back your needs, for the power of addiction is stronger than the mightiest peril!

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The church of Acalaccog is usually a paradise of entertainment on the front side, and a prison of intoxicated drug dealers on the back. The stuff dealt here ranges from alcohol to herbs to drugs that are potentially very deadly even with a single drop. The highest cleric is also the most addicted to the power of addiction, and usually spends his time trying to create even stronger drugs. Because they try to spread their product by acting as a friendly merchant or a doctor, their influences will spread faster than they can be exterminated.


His realm is a huge cube of rust with crumbled tunnels and pockets that serve as the home of this extremely long deity and his special minions. Fiendish creatures resembling pitcher plants grow all over the inner walls, producing every known drugs in the multiverse. While its ruler is out either diving into a deeper layer of Acheron or being involved in other matters, visitors may enter this realm and have their fillings. Most visitors who do come here usually never leave, mostly because the drug is so powerful that creatures merely approaching the atmosphere are intoxicated. Those who stay in this manner is eventually petrified, then crushed by the returning naga, and then become nutrients for more of his minion producers of drugs.

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