Dementation Domain (3.5e Cleric Domain)

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Dementation Domain[edit]

Granted Powers[edit]

You get a +4 bonus to Will saving throws against mind-affecting spells, and cast all spells with the 'Mind-Affecting' tag with a +2 to CL. Furthermore, a number of times per day equal to half your character level, you can counterspell a targeted mind-affecting spell as an immediate action if you succeed on a caster level check of DC 11 + the opposing spellcaster's caster level (the +2 bonus given by this domain's power does not apply). If you beat this caster level check by more than 5 points, the spell is deflected back upon its caster as per the spell turning spell instead.

Dementation Domain Spells[edit]

  1. hypnotism
  2. touch of idiocy
  3. confusion
  4. schizophrenia
  5. feeblemind
  6. dementia
  7. insanity
  8. mass schizophrenia
  9. MindrapeBoVD

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