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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: a red webbed feet grasping a sky blue sphere
Home Plane: Lake Morya, on Krigala of Beastlands
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: amphibians, life, swimmers, survival
Clergy Alignments: Any except for lawful evil
Domains: Frog, Water, Protection, Healing, Luck
Favored Weapon: Flail
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The lady of frogs and toads, Lakh Ankh is a peaceful god that lives in her city floating in Lake Morya. Her favored race has been an important part of the ecosystem in every part of the multiverse containing life. She was the one who people rely when they need care away from civilization. The magical powers of amphibious creatures have been recognized by mages far and wide, and Ankh has been proud of all that.

However, she does not strive to increase the number of followers. She is content with what she has now, and is not motivated by a fight against evil unless provoked.


She is a lady that covers herself with dresses having shades of green and brown. Her face, with large, round eyes and wide mouth, is somewhat creepy yet attractive. Her red hairs stretches down to the ground and spread across the island into the lake. Her moist hands and feet are somewhat webbed. She is always accompanied by some frogs or toads.

She also has an amphibious form. She looks like an enormous gecko with 6 legs instead of 4, and with a short stump in the place of its tail. The body is lined with all possible colors, but despite its vivid coloration her visual appearance is pleasant to the eye like a rainbow.


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Clergy and Temples[edit]

Although there is no restriction, followers of Ankh is mostly good-aligned. They do not usually gather up in specific location to build a temple, but instead be where they wish and call their homes the temple. The clergy of Lakh Ankh have healing skills that may come in handy when adventurers are in the wild. They also protect natural life.

Evil clergy of Lakh Ankh still try to help their god, however their efforts go in the wrong way. They will kill snakes, eagles, and any other creatures that might eat frogs, even if that will cause the collapse of the ecosystem. They will persecute and kill those who look at amphibians with a face of disgust. They may even release a plague of disease or vermins only to make the people demand for amphibians. Usually their actions do not take her interest, but extensive use of power for such purpose may cause Ankh to take their powers away.

Her followers mostly consists of amphibious creatures, but she is not picky of who chooses her as the patron deity.


Lake Morya is a massive body of water, from the bank one cannot see even half way across the length of this lake. The bank can be shallow for some distance, providing the perfect ground for sunbathing, and as one approaches the center the water becomes deeper. Some parts of this lake is so deep that not even whales can survive. The water is calm but is filled with life, mainly with amphibious creatures. Some may be bloated to a size larger than a full-grown dragon, others may be so tiny one can cling on to a single strand of hair.

At the center of the lake is a tree that extends into the cloud. Its many branches contain leaves shaped like an umbrella. These leaves, varying in size from a mere bowl to the size of a city, contains fluids that sustains the life of those who lives in them. Many unseen amphibians live here, as well as those who live on dry land. The leaves produce more of the fluids every minute and it pours over the edge falling like a rain into the lake below. At the top of the tree is a globe weaved out of the high branches of the tree, and within is where Lakh Ankh makes home. When she wishes to leave, the branches open like a flower.

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