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Morph Speeder [Special]

move around faster
Prerequisite: must be able to change shape in one of the following five ways: change shape supernatural ability, shapechanger subtype, polymorph as a spell-like ability, able to cast the polymorph spell, wild shape or similar class feature
Benefit: One of your movement is increased by 10 feet (usually the choice is land speed, but you can chose burrow, swim, fly, etc. This doesn't grant new method of movement to a creature so eels can't fly and woodpeckers can't swim).
Normal: Your movement is as indicated by your race + any enhancement from class, magical items, etc.
Special: This feat can be taken up to 3 times. If you chose the same mode of movement you have chosen before, the increment is only 5 feet. This feat can be chosen for a type of movement that you don't have; it just doesn't take effect while you don't have that type of movement (ex. druid with this feat for fly speed can't fly, but when she turns into avian form she gains the benefit of extra speed). If you cast the polymorph spell, has polymorph as a spell-like ability usable less often than at will, or has the wild shape class feature, then this feat loses function when you cannot use them.

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