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Justice Lock: This Mithral Heavy Shield seems like a plate with lustrous surface, and has a huge square drawn on it. At the center and on each of the corner of the square, there is a transparent bead that shines when yielded by a lawful good character.

This shield is a must if you are fighting forces of evil. Usually it gives a +3 bonus to AC, has 5% Arcane Failure chance and no check penalty. This shield also gives an additional +4 deflection bonus to AC when attacked by an evil creature.

Further more, for 4 times per day, the yielder can give a command word to use Order's Wrath (DC 16) as a full round action, with the center of effect being one corner of the square that the yielder occupies. Evil creatures hit by a shield bash using this shield must make a DC 17 Will Save or become panicked for 10 rounds. Also, once per day, this shield can be used to dispel any single evil spell.

Strong (DC 20) Abjuration;CL 16; Craft Magic Arms & Armor, Order's Wrath, Dispel Evil; Cost 149,120gp (plus 1020 gp for Mithral Light Shield), 11,930XP, 149 days; Activation: None (See Text); Weight: 5 lb.; Market Price: 299,260gp

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