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Name Market Price Weight CL Aura School
Door Buster 9,120 gp 20 lb. 8th Moderate; (DC 19) Transmutation
Hoplon Guard 30,180gp 30 lb. 13th Strong (DC 20) Abjuration
Immovable Tower Shield <!-Caster level for creation-->
Impact Shield 16,320 gp 11th Moderate abjuration
Justice Lock 299,260gp 5 16 Strong (DC 20) Abjuration
Levitating Shield +2 Bonus <!-Caster level for creation-->
Mage Guard 2,145gp 5 5th Faint (DC 17) Transmutation
Pursuer's Shield +2 Bonus <!-Caster level for creation-->
Rogue's Wall 20,000 gp 45 13th Faint (DC 16) Illusion
Shadowguard's Tower Shield 25,180 gp 45 18 Strong (DC 20) Transmutation
Shield of Aendar 9,935 gp 15 lb. <!-Caster level for creation--> Faint; (DC 18) Abjuration
Shield of Hashie <!-Caster level for creation-->
The Demon Lord's Scorn 5,000 gp <!-Caster level for creation-->
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