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Shadowguard's Tower Shield: This shield appears as a large tower shield slightly curved on the long sides. It had a subtle etching of a hand over a bowl or pot, the hand appears to be dripping. A few of them have been colored over the years so that the liquid is red or blue or green depicting various things open to interpretation.

The Shadowguard were one of the elite mercenary squads that became popular in the late years of the Second Age. The Shadowguard was known for its ability to hunt, track and capture any target. Their favored method of attack was setting up traps and laying down arrows from far off, they would draw their target into the traps however some of their prey were harder to capture and they would be drawn into melee combat which the Shadowguard were also proficient. They eventually were contracted by an evil cleric to eliminate one of his rivals, the cleric informed them of his rivals bodyguards and payed them with a set of shields, at first the shadowguard refused as shields were bulky but the cleric informed them how he had crafted these shields to aid them specifically.

The Shadowguard's Shield is a +2 Animated Tower Shield with an extra ability to become intangible for a round 3/day as a swift action, this means that physical objects may pass through it as if it wasn't there, magical effects can pass through it as well except effects that use the astral plane, though thee effects most likely wouldn't be passing through a shield anyway.

Strong (DC 20) Transmutation;CL 18; Craft Magic Armor, Animate Object, +2; Cost See text. Homebrew Crafting for setting.; Activation: — and Standard; Weight: 45 lb.; Market Price: 25,180 gp

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