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Through the arcane might of an ancient dragon and the magic of a legendary spellcaster, draconic energy can be infused into a specially prepared gemstone, granting it the barest glimmers of sentience and transforming it into a dracostone. When touched, the ordinary-seeming gem turns into viscous liquid that slithers over and quickly seeps into flesh. Then, over the course of several days, the subject is painfully transformed into a dracohybrid. Only reptiles and dragons may safely handle dracostones, as well as those creatures related to them, like lizardfolk, dragonborn and kobolds.
Some dragons, mainly chromatic dragons, deliberately hide dracostones in their hoards to get the last laugh on any potential thieves.

Draconic Monstrosities. Though dracohybrids may have draconic features and are often called dragons by the unworldly, they are little more than rampaging monsters and any who have seen the majesty of a true dragon would balk at the comparison. A dracohybrid retains the general appearance that it once had, but it is now warped into a nightmarish mockery of a dragon. They have uneven patches of scales dripping with awful slime, leering eyes in places where eyes do not belong and other random mutations, such as vestigial limbs or stunted horns. All dracohybrids have at least two heads, at least one of which is draconic and all have wings, though for most these are useless and few can fly. The lingering will of the dracostone means that all dracohybrids are easily subjugated by any dragon. As a side effect of their transformation, dracohybrids wield aberrant dragon magic which grants them strange abilities, including the signature ability of all dracohybrids: inflicting a dragon's curse.
Dracohybrids are incapable of natural reproduction, though if one swallows a gemstone, it can transform it into a new dracostone over the course of six months, thus they are capable of spreading their cursed existence. Eating the flesh of a dracohybrid also transforms the eater into a dracohybrid.

Countless Forms. All manner of different creatures can become dracohybrids, such as fish, insects, mammals, birds and humanoids. A dracohybrid's size doesn't usually change much from how it used to be, though if many creatures touch a dracostone at the same time, they will combine into a single dracohybrid. The type of creature that a dracohybrid used to be also influences its abilities. For instance, a fish that becomes a dracohybrid retains its ability to swim and would still be able to live underwater, while those that were once ants are industrious and cooperative.

Creating a Dracohybrid[edit]

A beast, humanoid, giant, or monstrosity that touches a dracostone must succeed on a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw to drop the gem before it can completely fuse into it and transform it into a dracohybrid of the DM's choice over the next 1d6 + 6 days. In half that time, the creature is overwhelmed by pain and has disadvantage on all attack rolls, ability checks and saving throws for the rest of the duration.
A spell such as lesser restoration or remove curse can end the transformation process at any time before it runs its course. After the process is complete, only a wish spell can reverse the effect.

Dracohybrid Adventure Hooks[edit]

d10 Adventure Hook
1 A dragon wants to transform a hated enemy into a dracohybrid and is seeking a spellcaster powerful enough to create a dracostone.
2 A mad monk preaches that becoming a dracohybrid is the path to enlightenment.
3 A group of lizardfolk chefs have introduced a new delicacy that has taken the culinary world by storm: steak from cattle that have been transformed into dracohybrids. Unfortunately, the lizardfolk don't know what happens to less scaly folk who dine on such meat.
4 A group of bandits discovered a stash of dracostones and stole them. Now the last few that haven't transformed yet seek a way to break their curse.
5 Members of a cult dedicated to becoming half-dragons have grown frustrated with their repeated failure and now seek to become dracohybrids instead, seeing it as the next best thing.
6 When the hunters killed the dracohybrid that was threatening their village, they left its corpse to rot. Now the scavengers that ate the corpse have turned into dracohybrids themselves and are swiftly becoming an even greater threat.
7 A vampire has become addicted to drinking the blood of people who are in the process of becoming dracohybrids, unconcerned about the strange vampire spawn this habit is producing.
8 A famous dragonborn goldsmith has started to exclusively use dracostones in their works. Despite claiming that those stones have been rendered inert, who knows when their magic might reawaken?
9 The main attraction of an upcoming auction is a flawless ruby that was once part of a dragon's hoard. The highest bidder will get more than they bargained for, as the gem is actually a dracostone.
10 An elderly adventurer who once narrowly avoided becoming a dracohybrid is shocked to discover that the affliction has returned under mysterious circumstances, despite not even having laid eyes upon a dracohybrid or dracostone for decades.
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