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This is a sandbox. It will be periodically cleaned. Play around in this sandbox to see how things look like, however please do not edit above the line!

Last cleaned byConcealedLightChatmod.png (talk) 01:22, 22 July 2019 (MDT)


Name Rating
Message good
-- -----------------------------------	------	------	------	------	-------	-------	------
 1. Absorb Elements			replace		XGE-150		
 2. Attract				ok	conj		LoS	sction	CNC	
 3. Bind Skeletal Familiar		ok	necro	dndwiki	10'	minute	N					
 4. Charm Person, Variant touch		ok	ench		VT 30'	action	1 hour	vs wis		
 5. Compelled Duel, Variant touch	ok			VT P224					
 6. Comprehend Languages, Variant touch	ok	div		VT self	action	ritual				
 7. Detect Magic			ok	div		self30'	action	ritual	ld foil	
 8. Disguise Self			ok	illus		self	action	hour	int			
 9. Expeditious Retreat			ok	xmut		self	bonus	CN 10m			
10. False Life				ok	necro		self	action	1 hour			
11. Heroism, Variant touch		ok	ench		VT Tch	action	CNC 1mn			
12. Identify				ok	div		touch	minute	ritual	
13. Inflict Wounds, Variant touch	combat!	necr		VT,tch	action	DAMAGE!	melee	COMBAT	
14. Mage Armor				good	abjur		touch	action	8 hours	13+dex
15. Missile Lore			good	div	dndwiki	touch	minute			
16. Peltskin				good	xmut	dndwiki	touch	action	1 hour	AC>=14
17. Protection from Evil and Good	ok	abjur		touch	action	CNC 10m	disadv		
18. Skull Goblet			ok	necro	dndwiki	touch	1 day	1 year
19. Shield				ok	abjur	OGL	self	react	1 round	+5 AC
20. Speak With Animals, Variant touch	ok	div		VT self	action	ritual		
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