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Weapon (lance), artifact (requires attunement from someone that possesses the mounted combatant feat (PHB))

The Champion's Lance resembles a very long lance of oak carved with spirals in such a way that the wood looks to almost have naturally grown this way. Upon attuning with it the lance is nearly weightless in hand.

The Champion's Lance is a +2 weapon (add +2 to attack rolls and damage of this weapon) The lance has an increased reach of 15ft instead of a regular lance's 10ft and its massive size come with the penalties of only allowing one attack per turn and having disadvantage on attack rolls against enemies within 10ft instead of a lance's regular 5ft. If the user is attuned to the item they also gain the following features: any extra attack function the attuned user has works to add an additional 1d12 piercing damage on top of the lance's regular damage. (for example a fighter 5 with extra attack (1) would get +1d12 damage added, while a fighter 11 with extra attack (2) would get +2d12 damage added, and so on.) After striking an enemy with the lance the tip breaks off and any attacks (reactions or on turn) made by the user with it are at disadvantage, only half damage and have a shorter reach of 10ft until the beginning of the user's next turn, upon which the tip of the lance is fully regrown to its original length and can be treated as usual (if used by an a user that is not attuned the lance does not regrow to its initial length and instead remains broken with the penalties that apply until it has been attuned to by a creature. after attacking an enemy with the lance from a mount whether you miss or hit you may use your bonus action to move on your mount a distance up to half your mount's speed in any direction the mount allows (ie: horses are land-bound but a griffon could fly upwards and a dolphin [why?] could swim downwards) without you or your mount provoking opportunity attacks from the creature you attacked.

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