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Weapon (Longsword), artifact (Requires attunement)

A blade forged in Io's breath by the greatest blacksmiths of each alignment. The blade is made of an incandescant metal similar to adamantine and stylized to appear like fire with a multi-colored disk set in the blade just above the crossguard. The crossguard it shaped like a dragon. Its wings are pulled close to its back, it is stretched lengthwise perpendicular to the blade, and it is multi-colored with yellow diamonds that look like eyes for eyes. The handle is made of scaled silver, yet feels like smooth leather. The pommel is a shaped like a dragon's claws made of gold and is grasping a ruby.
Random Properties. The Blade of Io has the following random properties:

  • 1 minor beneficial property
  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 1 minor detrimental property
  • 1 major detrimental property

Sentience. The Blade of Io has neutral alignment, an Intelligence of 18 (+4), a Wisdom of 18 (+4), and a Charisma of 20 (+5). It has Darkvision to 60 feet and can hear to 60 feet. The Blade of Io can speak, read, and understand Common and Draconic. It can communicate telepathically to its wielder.
Personality. The Blade of Io seeks to keep peace and balance. If either is upset, the Blade of Io will urge its wielder to restore it. If the wielder does not or says no or is the reason that peace and/or balance are upset, there is a conflict. If there is a conflict, the Blade of Io will attempt to coax its wielder to doing as it wants. The wielder must make an Intelligence saving throw contested by the Blade of Io's Charisma check. If the Blade of Io wins, the wielder is charmed by it for 24 hours. If the wielder wins, the Blade of Io cannot attempt to coax its wielder for 24 hours. The Blade of Io is very serious about its job, but is otherwise friendly. It sometimes makes jokes and has a fondness for art and knowledge. It often tries to act as just another member of the group.

Traits The Blade of Io is a +3 magic longsword. It grants any dragon, draconic, or dragon-blooded creature attuned to it the ability to heal 1d4+3 HP whenever they roll iniative. The Blade of Io has a +2 on attack rolls and +2 to damage against dragons or draconic creatures. It can function as a holy symbol. The Blade of Io grants its attuned wielder the ability to, once every 7 day, release a massive aura of peace. All creatures within 200 feet of the wielder become peaceful and will not fight unless attacked first. This lasts for 7 days. Gods or creatures with a CR of over 20 may make an Intelligence saving throw against DC30 to resist this ability. Additionally, once per long rest, the attuned creature may choose to access the Blade of Io's full power. If they do so, they must make an attack. If the attack misses, the attuned creature gains 4 levels of exhaustion and the ability is spent until after the attuned creature's next long rest. If the attack hits, it does 1d100 damage and the attuned creature gains 4 levels of exhaustion, the type of damage is determined by the edge used. During the use of this ability, one edge will shine with a radiant light and does radiant damage, during the attack, the user is treated as if they are in bright light. The other edge is shrouded in shadows and does necrotic damage, during the turn of the enemy the user hit, if they attack the user, they are treated as if they are in complete magical darkness.
Destroying the Blade of Io. The Blade of Io will disintegrate when struck by Bahamut and Tiamat simultaneously

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