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What is the present status, intent, and use of this category?

Considering this category was created in 2006, my best guess is that it was the predecessor to what is now Category:3.5e. But if that is the case, why does it persist so long after most instances of "DnD" changed to edition abbreviations?

At this point it seems like some users might believe all D&D content pages should go into this category. (A ton of 5e already isn't included in this category. Maybe even the majority of it.) Do we really need a category for that? If we do, could this instead only be a super category? It could contain nothing but Category:5e, Category:4e, etc., without including every thousands and thousands of content pages. Something like "Category:Systemless" or "Category:Editionless D&D" could be made for the rare content that is intended to not be tied to one or several editions. At least to me what I've proposed seems like a better arrangement than dumping over 20,000 pages in here. With the exception of archaic dpls, adding Category:DnD to a page doesn't seem like it accomplishes anything.

(A tangent on "systemless": Right now systemless content seems like it is in a weird limbo where dpls pull it only if it is in Category:DnD but "not 5e" and "not 4e" and "not 3.5e" and etc. This seems like a difficult way to do things and doesn't prepare well for future editions or additions. Just as an example: glancing at the "systemless" dpl in 3.5e Other, one can see doesn't include 2.5e or 1e; and if/when 6e comes out it would probably be a long time before it was added to that dpl.)

Maybe I'm missing something. But if not, the more fickle side of me would very much like to make Category:Systemless (and use a dpl based on the existing Category:DnD to fill it), then adjust any dpls which pull from Category:DnD to not do so, then enlist SgtLion's bot to remove every page from Category:DnD (if that is a reasonable request), and finally delete this category. Maybe that's a lot of ado, but that's also why I want to be sure I'm not missing anything before I squirm around trying to do this. - Guy 01:24, 22 September 2018 (MDT)

This category was recently plastered across the wiki under the guise of fixing something. I've either left it off or removed it because everything that Guy said (unbeknownst to me) above. Can we get some consensus on this category? Red Leg Leo (talk) 18:59, 1 February 2020 (MST)
I would agree, this category seems to be redundant and not actually do too much. I believe that currently, the only use this category has is to separate Pathfinder pages from other systems but that isn't too useful and can already be done via having a dpl state "not Pathfinder". Actually removing this category off of all the pages on the wiki though is a monumental task even with bots. Regardless of that, having an actual "Systemless" category seems like a good idea as it can be used in place of just "DnD" for pages that don't belong to any system.--Blobby383b (talk) 17:11, 2 February 2020 (MST)
I agree with this. Wikipedia categories has categories like People not include all the pages, and this precedent would work well for this category. --Green Dragon (talk) 23:59, 2 February 2020 (MST)
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