CR 23-38 NPCs (Dragon Ball Supplement)

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CR 23-28 NPCs[edit]

Name Race CR
Burter Alien 23
Dodoria Alien 23
Jeice Alien 23
Nail Namekian 23
Recoome Alien 23
Vegeta, Namek Saga Saiyan 23
Zarbon Alien 23
Goku, Namek Saga Saiyan 24
Goten Human-Saiyan 24
Piccolo, Nail Absorbed Namekian 24
Frieza Frost Demon 25
Goku, Super Saiyan Saiyan 25
Nameless Namekian Namekian 25
Trunks Human-Saiyan 25
Future Trunks Human-Saiyan 26
Lord Slug, Young Namekian 26
Piccolo, Android Saga Namekian 27
Dende, Xeno Namekian 28
Future Gohan Human-Saiyan 28
Gohan, Android Saga Human-Saiyan 28
Goten, RoSat Human-Saiyan 28
Imperfect Cell Alien 28
Android 13 Alien 29
Android 17 Human 29
Android 18 Human 29
Piccolo, Kami Absorbed Namekian 29
Trunks, RoSat Human-Saiyan 29
Vegeta, Android Saga Saiyan 29
Android 16 Alien 30
Goku, Android Saga Saiyan 30
Piccolo, Buu Saga Namekian 30
Semi-Perfect Cell Alien 31
Trunks, Cell Games Human-Saiyan 31
Vegeta, Cell Games Saiyan 31
Goku, Cell Games Saiyan 32
Gohan, Cell Games Human-Saiyan 33
Perfect Cell Alien 33
Evil Buu Majin 34
Good Buu Majin 34
Kid Buu Majin 35
Majin Buu Majin 36
Vegeta, Buu Saga Saiyan 36
Goku, Buu Saga Saiyan 37
Super Buu Majin 37
Gohan, Buu Saga Human-Saiyan 38

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