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1 Elf High elf
2 Drow
3 Wood elf
11 Dorf Hill dorf
12 Mountain dorf
13 Brinebeard
Competitive and rowdy, these horned and rough-looking giants have wild zeal. To most joar, victory is everything. They supposedly share ancestry with the feared, gargantuan Jotun.
Violet or blue freckle-like accents frame the pale faces and limbs of these long-lived but elusive folk. Meia are renowned for a supposed addiction to puzzles and mazes.
With cobalt skin, golden eyes, and bodies both tall and slender, the nocturnal veilits are often revered as beautiful or feared as eerie. They are seldom candid.
Stern but honest, these lithe dwellers of mountains and deserts are renowned for their crystalline skin. Tynnites tend to have an austere outlook which can come off as callous among other folk.
These exuberant folk stand out with many-colored hair of the scalp and face. Elareins' narrow pupils and prominent fangs hint to an ancestry tainted with dragonblood.
These stout-bodied folk are calm and insightful; they have a reputation of 'always kind yet never nice.' Their sage-colored skin blends into the marshes and jungles many byga call home.
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