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created classes[edit]

Created spells[edit]


Halt [[1]]

Bolt of time [[2]]

Temporal rift [[3]]

astral barrier[[4]]

vortex gaze[[5]]

time stride[[6]]

1st level Spells[edit]

Revert Time [[7]]

Weight of 1000 Years [[8]]

Summon Astral Beast [[9]]

Eyes of Time [[10]]

2nd level Spells[edit]

Clockwork Sphere [[11]]

Eyes of Fate [[12]]

Ancient Path [[13]]

Ancient tether [[14]]

3rd level Spells[edit]

Time Bomb [[15]]

Column of Time [[16]]

Astral Guardian [[17]]

4th level Spells[edit]

Bane Shot [[18]]

Aura of Fate [[19]]

Split Causality [[20]]

Veil of Compressed Time [[21]]

Astral Release [[22]]

5th level Spells[edit]

Astral Communication [[23]]

Time Trap [[24]]

Astral Entity [[25]]

6th level Spells[edit]

To Ashes [[26]]

7th level Spells[edit]

Delayed Blast Time Bomb [[27]]

Astral Shift [[28]]

Time Restoration [[29]]

8th level Spells[edit]

Rip Through Time [[30]]

Rapture [[31]]

9th level Spells[edit]

Quantum Shift [[32]]

Pillars of Time [[33]]

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