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Strange, Yet Familiar[edit]

Many of the monsters in the Shinobi World are larger or modified versions of animals in our own world. All traditional 5e miscellaneous creatures are available as well. When creating any creature, humanoid, beast or otherwise, use this preload. As a rule of thumb, all creatures that can speak a language can create clones of themselves for 2+ chakra that have 5 hit points and an equal amount of chakra points as chakra points spent and walk on vertical and liquid surfaces so long as they have chakra.

Design Note: CR for humanoid creatures is based on what level of PC they represent, rather than at what level a full party should be to equal them. For more information on this, see this discussion page.

Standard Animals[edit]

Tiny Beast

Small Beast

Medium Beast

Large Beast

Huge Beast

Gargantuan Beast

Other Non-NPC Creatures[edit]

Name CR
Black Shadow 11
Conch King 13
Doki 10
Earth Golem 10
Earth Prison Golem 10
Genryu 13
Ghost Soldier 5
Giant Clam 10
Hozuki Hound 11
Ibuse 16
Konenmaru 8
Kyodaigumo 10
Lightning Fish 10
Moguranmaru 6
Monkey Rock 20
Moryo 16
Nekomata 6
Ni's Dog 6
Ni's Lion-Turtle 9
Ninja Cat 3
Ninja Dog 3
Nue 15
Pheasant Hunter 20
Rainenmaru 8
Rashōmon 10
Reibi 10
Roen 14
Ryumaru 8
San's Bird 10
Satori 20
Shinsu Senju 20
Swarm of Shinobi Insects 1
Sōma 16
Three-Headed Guardian Beast 19
Umibozu 10
Wood Human 20

Rinnegan Summons[edit]

Name CR
Drill-Beaked Bird 14
Gedo Mazo 20
Multi-Headed Dog 16
Snake-Tailed Chameleon 14
Summoning Centipede 10
Summoning Crab 12
Summoning Ox 15
Summoning Panda 6
Summoning Rhino 13


Name CR
Araya, Puppet 3
Bamboo Snake 3
Barrier Puppet 7
Chikamatsu Collection of Ten 15
Drone Bee Puppet 3
Elemental Puppet 3
Hiruko, Puppet 15
Kamikaze Puppet 7
Karasu 3
Kuroari 7
Lizard Puppet 15
Master Puppet 15
Mecha Puppet 7
Mecha-Naruto 15
Mizuki, Puppet 3
Mother and Father 3
Otsutsuki Puppet 15
Queen Bee Puppet 15
Sanshouo 15
Third Kazekage, Puppet 20
Vampire Puppet 7

Sage Creatures[edit]

Across the Shinobi World, there are regions inhabited by creatures that have mastered the manipulation of senjutsu chakra, and thus Sage Mode. They are the source of all teachers of Sage Mode, and often act as summons for those they teach.

Toads of Mount Myoboku[edit]

Hidden deep within the mist of the Tranquil Sea around the Land of Water, lies the sunsoaked Mountain of Bewilderment; Mount Myoboku. Its inhabitants, the sage toads, prefer to keep to themselves, only allowing a select few non-toads to know the hidden path to the mountain, along which one must travel for months on end.

Name CR
Fukusaku 17
Gama 13
Gamabunta 16
Gamaden 9
Gamagoro 12
Gamahiro 14
Gamaken 15
Gamakichi 18
Gamakichi, Young 7
Gamakosuke 5
Gamamaru 20
Gamamichi 6
Gamariki 11
Gamatama 8
Gamatatsu 5
Gerotora 10
Shima 17

Snakes of Ryūchi Cave[edit]

Deep within the Land of Fire lies a cave system with a single entrance that stretches deep within one of the land's many mountains and far underground. Its potent genjutsu keeps anyone not deliberately seeking the mountain from finding its entrance, and the trials of Tagorihime Ichikishimahime and Tagitsuhime keep any unworthy souls from meeting with the White Snake Sage herself.

Name CR
Aoda 18
Crush Snake 9
Garaga 19
Ichikishimahime 17
Manda 16
Manda II 20
Tagitsuhime 16
Tagorihime 15
White Snake Sage 20

Slugs of Shikkotsu Forest[edit]

A deep forest within the Land of Earth, Shikkotsu Forest is covered in a constant storm and protected by a ring of stone pillars known as the "damp bone ring" notorious for attracting lightning strikes at the slightest disturbance, especially when chakra-bearing lifeforms come close.

Name CR
Katsuyu 18
Katsuyu, Huge 12
Katsuyu, Large 8
Katsuyu, Medium 4
Katsuyu, Tiny 2
Katsuyu, True Form 26

Monkeys of Saiyuki Valley[edit]

At the foot of the Land of Lighting's highest mountain, Saiyuki Valley is the largest sage region to not be one of the Three Great Unexplored Sage Regions. Its inhabitants have incredible use of ninjutsu, but have nevertheless maintained a pacifistic stance with the shinobi around them. This is especially impressive when their sage elder, the tailed beast Son Gokū, has been stolen and sealed multiple times.

Name CR
Enma 12
Enra 8
Iwasaru 7
Kikasaru 6
Misaru 5
Sarutahiko 14
Shomenkongo 9
Son Goku 18

Wolves of Okuriokami Oasis[edit]

At the center of Hell Desert, the hottest region of the Land of Wind capable of spontaneously igniting fires and boiling some creatures alive that takes days to even cross halfway, lies a beautiful oasis. Only accessible in the darkness of night, Okuriokami Oasis sits in constant night, with the moon bright and full enough to cast shadows under the large palms that border the lake. Its wolves are known in Sand Village archives to be capable of leading those they trust, or have received suitable payment from, to any location. While too small and explored, if marginally, to be considered as a Great Unexplored Sage Region, what few documents of its existence in the world have come from only a handful of sages who had survived the trip.

Name CR
Dosei 8
Hitaiyo 21
Kaiosei 4
Kasei 14
Kinsei 17
Mokusei 12
Nuiba 3
Suisei 19
Tennosei 6

Tailed Beasts[edit]

When the world was young, endless wars raged. At the center of this world was the God Tree. Revered by countless cultures, it only grew when bathed in the blood of man. Princess Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, matriarch of the Ōtsutsuki clan, consumed the fruit of this tree and became the first wielder of chakra on Earth. After watching her sons Hagoromo and Hamura master this force, she deemed it too powerful to be allowed to exist. Merging with the God Tree, she became Datara, the Ten-Tailed God, and attempted to put an end to all chakra users. After a long battle, her sons were victorious. However, while Datara could be temporarily defeated, she could not be killed, thus Hagoromo split her chakra into nine beasts of lesser power.

Name CR
Chomei 19
Datara 25
Gyuki 20
Isobu 17
Kokuo 18
Kurama 22
Matatabi 17
Saiken 19
Shukaku 16
Son Goku 18

Pseudo-Tailed Beasts[edit]

Pseudo-Tailed Beasts do not originate from Hagoromo's splitting of Datara, but bear similar power and substance. Many pseudo-Tailed Beasts often considered gods or demons, or are believed to come from another world. Pseudo-Tailed Beasts count for Datara changing forms by absorbing Tailed Beasts.

Name CR
Genryu 13
Moryo 16
Reibi 10
Satori 20
Sōma 16

NPC Overviews[edit]

Shinobi are divided by rank based on skill between Genin, Chunin, Jonin, and Kage. When used in sorting, this ranking doesn't necessarily indicate that a particular humanoid is of that rank, but that they are comparable to that rank. In extreme cases, characters like Naruto Uzumaki only held the rank of Genin despite the skill to easily defeat most Kage. While indicated as Kage for brevity, the highest shinobi rank also includes Special Jonin and Jonin Commanders.

Generic Shinobi Overview

Leaf Shinobi Overview

Sand Shinobi Overview

Mist Shinobi Overview

Cloud Shinobi Overview

Stone Shinobi Overview

Sound Shinobi Overview

Other Land Shinobi

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