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For every shinobi we know the names and abilities of, there are hundreds in the background that we don't, doing their own missions, fighting their own fight, and dying their own death. The following can be use to represent any village.

Generic Genin[edit]

Name CR
Academy Student (5e Creature) 1/8
Cloud Genin (5e Creature) 3
Leaf Genin (5e Creature) 3
Mist Genin (5e Creature) 3
Sand Genin (5e Creature) 3
Stone Genin (5e Creature) 3

Generic Chunin[edit]

Name CR
Cloud Chunin (5e Creature) 5
Leaf Chunin (5e Creature) 5
Leaf Medical Nin (5e Creature) 5
Mist Chunin (5e Creature) 5
Sand Chunin (5e Creature) 5
Stone Chunin (5e Creature) 5

Generic Jonin[edit]

Name CR
Cloud Jonin (5e Creature) 9
Leaf Jonin (5e Creature) 9
Mist Jonin (5e Creature) 9
Sand Jonin (5e Creature) 9
Stone Jonin (5e Creature) 9

Generic Kage[edit]

Name CR

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