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This page documents the various quests and adventures players can partake in a Pansaerian campaign. Note that these are only suggested quests: you can use them as-is, modified or discard them altogether in favor of quests more suited for your gaming group. The entries are in CR order, from least to most dangerous. New sample quests will appear here from time to time, so be sure to check out any new additions.

Von Leaven Estate[edit]

Suggested levels: Any

Keywords: Burglary, nobility, stealth

An infiltration quest that can be run at any character level, due to the statistics of the obstacles scaling with the players. Fits player groups who enjoy the political and espionage side of things instead of all-out combat.

Basement Drug Lab[edit]

Suggested levels: 1 to 2

Keywords: Narcotics, crime, alchemy

A beginner quest for gaming groups new to the world of Pansaer. Introduces the goblin race, the underworld of Redford or Calimport as well as the sinister feel the setting often has, and hints at the existence of the Great Claw. A perfect first quest in a long Years of Gold campaign.

A Dirty Way In[edit]

Suggested levels: 2 to 4

Keywords: Sewers, assassination, guards

Pansaer is a world not of straightforward dungeon delves, but rather intrigue and careful planning (which might very well lead to dungeon delves, however). This is just such a quest: the meat of it is the investigation, where the party seeks to gain knowledge about a location they're going to have to face.

Down the Well[edit]

Suggested levels: 3 to 4

Keywords: Burial, necromancy, lowlife

This is a quest in two parts: a diplomacy part and a dungeon delve part. Only this time, you first do the delve and then the negotiations. The quest has little connection to other campaign quests (or even the setting in general, really) so it can be used as a nice breather from heavier storyline quests.

Honey Pottery and Alchemy Chambers[edit]

Suggested levels: 3 to 4

Keywords: Honey, mutation, swarm

This quest can serve as a normal quest, but is more often used as a way to introduce the players to several Redford concepts: Carl von Arnberg's dark research, Clyde and Basil, even the beeswarm nesters. It further serves as a way for an interested player to become a beeswarm nester in a way that makes sense within the setting.

Royal Zoo[edit]

Suggested levels: 3 to 4

Keywords: Animals, captivity, abuse

In many ways the Royal Zoo is more a template for a quest than a quest in and of itself: it provides a fantastic location and characters for whatever story you want to tell. The focus of the area is its interesting animals and their horrible abuse, which a particularly animal-loving player might respond to strongly.

Abandoned Fortress[edit]

Suggested levels: 3 to 5

Keywords: Fortified position, tactics, subterfuge

An unconventional battle in that the players are expected to do more than rush in with swords swinging to beat it - remember to stick to the suggested levels. Abandoned Fortress can also be used as a general template for a ruin location that you need in a Years of Gold campaign, or a campaign of any other setting

Von Morr Family Butchery[edit]

Suggested levels: 4 to 6

Keywords: Blood, strength, industrial

What's not to love about a slaughterhouse? This quest works wonders both as a more traditional punch-them-till-they-stop-moving romp, or a more nuanced single-player stealth operation. Either way, your players might even learn a bit about butchery.

Maid Mary[edit]

Suggested levels: 4 to 9

Keywords: Naval, seafaring, adventure

A unique quest in that it can be played at several different level ranges depending on how the DM arranges the encounters. The quest itself is a romp aboard Maid Mary, an oared barge that sails the seas of western Pansaer, and includes battling its captain, Admiral Taselhaf von Horinz and his crew.

Old Graveyard of Redford[edit]

Suggested levels: 5 to 6

Keywords: Crypts, cannibalism, twist

Pull a fast one on your players: the old graveyard of Redford starts off bleak and continues to get darker and darker, until finally subverting it all at the end with a comical (if still dangerous) mastermind. Can also be run more seriously by taking away the twist ending and replacing it with a more traditional battle.

Crimson House[edit]

Suggested levels: 5 to 7

Keywords: Prostitution, abuse, defilement

A particularly dark quest, dealing with themes of sexual abuse, slavery and human corruption. Not for the faint of heart - make sure everyone in your gaming group is OK with the themes in question, and can deal with it adultly. If so, Crimson House can be a massively interesting, deep quest with ample roleplaying opportunities.

Temple of the Rising[edit]

Suggested levels: 7 to 9

Keywords: Religion, flagellation, fanatics

The glorious ending to a Torg Cudean-centered campaign, and the possible end of the Temple of the Rising in Redford. This is the quest that brings that storyline to a finish, tying together the smaller adventures and quests the players have conquered on their way to investigate and harass the Temple of the Rising.

Bloodgate Keep[edit]

Suggested levels: 8 to 9

Keywords: Demonic, butchery, castle

Bloodgate Keep is a good late-campaign quest in a party's efforts against Skarrnog, and contains a confrontation with his two powerful underlings, Rakabarr and Urabarr. It's a straightforward dungeon delve, a good respite from all the political scheming.

Ruins of Ancient Redford[edit]

Suggested levels: 9 to 10

Keywords: Terrorism, time limit, ruins

A big halfway-point quest in a Great Claw-related campaign: it is the last quest on the campaign to take place in Redford, with the rest of the campaign concerning rooting the problem at the source. The time limit on the quest, the severity of which is decided by the DM and the preferences of the players, lends the quest a bit of uniqueness.

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